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Space Invaders | Games Room Company

Would you like to own a piece of gaming history? An original Space Invaders machine is waiting for you…

You will probably know by now that here at Games Room Company, we LOVE gaming - and one of our greatest passions is old, vintage arcade machines and games. We have a whole host of classics in our warehouse and showroom - every so often, a member of our team is caught ‘testing them out’ when they’re supposed to be working! We’ve talked at length about our love for a few vintage machines before (like our Pac-Man blog post) and you know they have a special place in our heart. One vintage game we have a particular soft spot for is Space Invaders - everyone loves that classic game, and we know once you play it, you’ll be totally hooked too!

We’ve previously written a blog post about the history of Space Invaders, and about how it rose from humble beginnings to become one of the world’s most iconic and well loved games. You should really read that post if you’re a Space Invaders fan - its background is amazingly intriguing!

Space Invaders | Games Room Company

Treat yourself to your own Space Invaders machine….

If you’re thinking about adding a vintage arcade machine to your home, Space Invaders is definitely a cool option. Not only is it one of the world’s oldest games, it’s also one of the most fun and enjoyable. Yes, we all know and love that iconic Space Invaders sound effect - and if you’ve ever played properly you’ll know about the awesome ‘space shooter’ style of the game - we’ll warn you now, it’s VERY addictive and VERY easy to while away the hours playing when you’re supposed to be doing something else!

Space Invaders also looks amazing

It’s safe to say that any visitors to your home will notice the Space Invaders machine in the corner - it’s not a subtle arcade machine! But that’s one of the reasons we love it; its iconic design is bright, colourful, fun, and it adds a lot of character to any room it’s in.

We can’t say enough how much we love Space Invaders, and if you’d like an arcade machine in your own home, we think it’s one of your best options! If you’d like any more information about a Space Invaders machine, or any of our other vintage arcade machines, please contact us.