Introducing the stunning RS Dining Table Football game

If you’re a table football aficionado, you may already be familiar with the esteemed Spanish design house RS Barcelona. It’s a highly prestigious manufacturer which has made a global name for itself with precisely engineered, superbly stylish tables that have arguably redefined the face of the game. The RS Dining table is one of their most innovative recent models, showcasing the designer’s trademark attention to detail, along with truly superb gameplay. Let’s take a look in closer detail!

A brief overview of the RS Dining Table

Essentially, the RS Dining Table Football is a reimagination of the immensely successful RS Table Football, a game that helped to establish the global prestige of its manufacturer RS Barcelona. The RS Table Football is widely regarded to be one of the most singularly iconic football tables of all time, so it’s no wonder it’s now serving as the basis for fresh designs. The RS Dining Table Football sees the classic game topped with a piece of toughed glass, giving it new versatility in modern interiors. It’s the result of a collaboration between the manufacturer at top chef José Andrés, who has installed models in his restaurants across America. Each of these tables is handmade in Spain, in keeping with RS Barcelona’s passionate and highly exacting manufacturing standards for all of their products.

An inspiring solution for a range of interiors

For any customer or interior designer browsing the games in our expansive Weybridge showroom, a key consideration is always going to be regarding space. Whether you’ve got a dedicated games room you’d love to fill, or you’re working out how to fit your beloved game into the family living room, size always matters. And where a full-sized table football game isn’t always practical, a dining-sized version can tick all the boxes, giving you far more freedom in how to slot it into your space. What’s more, it makes an undeniable statement piece for any social setting – a stunning testament to your love for the beautiful game. Even if you have got a dedicated games room, it can still be a highly tempting proposition; the idea of being able to simply sit forward and engage in a game, without getting up from your sofa.

Design and play it your way

You’ll be pleased to hear that the RS Dining table presents a number of ways for you to make it truly your own. First of all, it’s available in two models; a short-legged and a long-legged version, both identically priced. The shorter version is a handy 76cm, whereas the other is taller at 100cm. Many of our customers find that the latter is slightly too high for a dining table – unless you’re using stools for seating, in which case it’s perfect! Either way, it underlines the importance of taking the time to measure up before you commit to a decision on the size.

You can also specify your choice between a rectangular or an oval glass top, with smoothed edges and rounded lines that serve as a pleasing reminder of RS Barcelona’s proven design finesse. The rectangular version comfortably seats four, whereas the oval version can seat as many as six.

Both options are highly customisable, with the players’ kits skin colour, gender and even hair colour completely dependent on your whim. We’re even able to add specific logos on the shirts, so you can pit two real-world rival teams against each other over and over again!

Of course, as with all of our games at the Games Room Company, it’s about more than just presentation. Like its larger fellows, the RS Dining Table is highly resilient and hardwearing, and even enhances its superb gameplay by incorporating a clever football-drop mechanism to prevent the balls from being blocked by a build-up of dirt and debris.

The RS Dining Table Football takes its place amongst an amazing range of table football games we stock here at the Games Room Company, by leading manufacturers including not just RS Barcelona, but also notable artisans like Teckell and Toulet too. You can browse them right here on our site, or pop into our Weybridge showroom, where one of our friendly members of staff will be happy to give you the tour!



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