Client Spotlight: A Tight Deadline For The Berlin Film Festival

We’re used to meeting tight deadlines at The Games Room Company, especially as we often work closely with interior designers and similar representatives. When our CEO, Alexander, received a call from a client wishing to source an original Taito Space Invaders for the Berlin Film Festival, we knew we had an especially short time to get the machine ready in time to reach the festival – and we’re happy to say, we delivered!  

Space Invaders is a household name when it comes to retro videogames – so much so that it’s even familiar to many without any typical interest in the medium. Its legendary impact partially stems from the many revolutionary features it introduced, including a natural difficulty curve, which was so acclaimed that many brand-new console and PC games still use some form of it today.

Space Invaders also has that enduring quality shared by the very best retro videogames – easy to learn, and hard to master. The client’s boss was a German media mogul, and it’s easy to see why he had his heart set on a Space Invaders for his entertaining area at the festival. Now, by the time the client contacted us, the 10-day festival was well into full swing, so we had only a matter of days to organise the delivery to Germany. We also made sure to include a European power plug – it would have been a bit of a clanger otherwise! Our own engineer delivered and installed it, just in time for the final stages of the Berlin Film Festival.

Taito Space Invaders is just one of a number of classic retro videogames we have here at the Games Room Company, along our Asteroids table top arcade machine, and even more recent legends such as our two-player House of the Dead. Whatever you choose, you can count on us to provide the same level of outstanding white-glove service at every stage of your purchase. Why not give us a call on, 01932 568 414 or visit us at our Weybridge showroom, and see what treasures we have in store?


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