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It is said that the earliest vending machine was invented by Hero of Alexandria in the first century. Hero, a Greek engineer and mathematician, created a machine that accepted a coin before dispensing holy water at the temples where people worshipped. This device ensured that people were not taking more than their fair share. Hero was undoubtedly ahead of his time although surprisingly it took another 1800 years for his invention to catch on...

Happily, here at The Games Room Company nothing is off limits on our vintage vending machines! Increasingly rare, these machines are painstakingly restored by our talented team of engineers and restorers at The Games Room Company. 

Read on to find out more about our vintage vending machines and why they are simply the best in the world...

1958 Vendo 56 Coca-Cola Machine

This smaller model, first manufactured in 1958 has been fully restored back to the concourse condition of its heyday. It is highly sought after by collectors, and consistently highly valued.

Vibrant, solid and reliable, one of the major attractions of this cool machine lies in its versatility. Bottles of beer, a variety of fizzy drinks and even quarter bottles of champagne can be chilled in its refrigerated interior. In many ways identical to its larger counterpart (the Vendo-81), the 56 boasts a more compact design which allows for greater versatility in any environment, be it an office, kitchen or games room.

The Vendo 56 brings with it a taste of yesteryear – producing the most popular drink for well over half a century. Have a taste of the most valuable brand in the world and your own piece of American history.

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The Vendo 81 Coke Machine

The 1957 Vendo 81 Coca Cola Machine is nothing short of legendary, the ultimate in vintage Americana and an iconic cultural touchstone. It is also our most popular model. A giant of US industry is beautifully represented in the Vendo's stunning red livery, making it a classic addition to any home. As with all of our vintage drinks machines here at The Games Room Company the Vendo 81 it is entirely mechanical. Take it from us – there’s nothing quite like the authentic clunk of the mechanism in motion as it dispenses a wonderfully refreshing Coke.

If Coca-Cola isn’t quite your tipple, it’s far from the only option. The Vendo can also hold bottles of beer, a variety of fizzy drinks, and even quarter bottles of champagne. It’s up to you!

1957 Vendo 81 Vintage Coca-Cola Machine



1957 Pepsi-Cola Vendo 81

We pride ourselves on being specialists in the rare and whimsical here at The Games Room Company, therefore the Pepsi Vendo 81 is a model right up our street. An even rarer variant of the Vendo 81, it is a true original, with its authentic logo having been designed by the Vendo Company back in the mid-20th century. Very few pass through our workshops which is a true testament to its scarcity.


1957 Vendo 81 Dr Pepper

For those customers looking for the ultra rare then the Dr Pepper is the machine for you.

This model is so very rare compared to the Coke version that we haven't seen one for at least four years. This example has been fully restored inside and out, including the addition of a modern refrigeration unit which runs on a UK power supply. The subtle green livery stands in stark contrast to the pillar box red of the Coca Cola model.

Vibrant, solid and reliable, one of the major attractions of this cool machine lies in its versatility. Bottles of beer, a variety of fizzy drinks and even quarter bottles of champagne can be chilled in its refrigerated interior. The machine vends on original dimes, which are supplied by us. Just pop a dime in the slot, throw the lever, grab your bottle and pop the cap on the built in opener. Own a little piece of American history and feel just like The Fonz every time you use it!

Currently under restoration

1957 Vendo 81 Dr Pepper Vending Machine

The Westinghouse 'Corona

If you’re looking for a treat for the grown ups when it comes to your games room, you can’t do much better than the Westinghouse vintage vending machine. The vibrant yellow colour immediately shouts Corona, the top selling imported beer in the US. It’s a great talking point for impressing friends as you have a glass or two before a night out or during a dinner party or even better, at a barbecue...

Also available as the 'Peroni' model
1960's Westinghouse Vending Machine - Peroni

Our Unrivalled Restoration Process

Our skilled engineers and expert restorers go to great lengths to bring these machines back to how they were when they left the factory nearly 70 years ago, building on the high standards that were first set in the 1950's and 60's and many man hours go into this work.

The cabinets are shot-blasted back to bare metal and their liveries are repainted by an expert classic car sprayer. The shelves are re-anodised and the vending and coin mechanisms are removed and reconditioned. The refrigeration unit is fully serviced where possible or replaced if necessary. The chrome parts are sent to top London chromers.

Quality is integral to the history and value of these vintage drinks machines, and no one understands that better than us at The Games Room Company.


You can explore these wonders for yourself at our 9000 sq ft Weybridge showroom. Why not pop down and see what we’ve got in store. Alternatively, give us a call on 01932 568 414.


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