3 of the most effortlessly beautiful Aramith Fusion tables

Dining and leisure have always been inextricably linked. Whatever the choice of cuisine or activity, they’re the perfect examples of the quality time that we all look forward to every day, and both are ideally enjoyed in good company. Few people know that better than the wonderful people at Aramith, and that’s the philosophy behind their innovative and eternally-popular pool table diners. We’re proud to stock them here at the Games Room Company, and this week on the blog we thought we’d take the opportunity to introduce you to just a few of our favourites!

Fusion Pool Diner black steel frame

The Fusion’s spacious dining table can accommodate up to ten people, plenty of room for the entire family. By removing the three-piece dining tops and engaging the easy Rise-and-Fall mechanism, the table can quickly be raised from a conventional dining level to the regulation pool-table height. The foolproof mechanism is spring-assisted, so it can easily be engaged by one person. The black steel frame is striking and has the flexibility of multiple cloth colours, many options on the dining top finishes and optional furniture.

Aramith Fusion Pool Diner in Vintage Wood

One for the traditionalists, the Vintage Wood Fusion Pool Diner uses reclaimed wood timbers together with a post-industrial metal frame, combining to create a table that’s a sophisticated blend of old and new. Specifically, the wood in its construction was sourced from the wooden floors of country houses in rural Spain, giving it a unique sense of character and old-world charm that you might be hard-pressed to find in other pool diners – even Aramith ones! It features the full range of cloth colours you might expect from Aramith tables, but personally, here at the Games Room Company we’d recommend the powder blue Simonis cloth if you’re aiming for the complete vintage feel.


Aramith Fusion Pool Diner in Stainless Steel

A timeless classic we’re particularly well-versed with here at the Games Room Company, the Stainless Steel Fusion Pool Diner is often the subject of admiring comments from customers visiting our showroom. It embodies everything the Aramith brand has come to be known for; its trademark combination of beauty and simplicity, quality and versatility. Its easy Rise-and-Fall mechanism means that the transformation from diner to pool table is effortless, and can even be engaged by only one person due to its spring-assisted design.

What’s more, we’re especially proud to announce that here at the Games Room Company, we can offer an optional two-part table tennis top and kit, turning an already flexible design into one which can fulfil three roles. It’s no wonder it’s so highly sought after!

There’s very little our experts in the showroom don’t know about these amazing tables, so if you have any questions, absolutely don’t hesitate to ask. You can contact us by ringing 01932 282 138, or pay a visit to our showroom, where we’ll only be too happy to help with anything you might require.

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