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You may already know our company’s story; our origins as a company began with Reginald Walder-Smith, who sold a variety of curiosities such as one-armed bandits and Coke machines to US Air Force bases in Britain, shortly after the war. The Games Room Company has come a long way since then, and our inventory has branched out considerably, spanning a fantastic range of products and games.

Our jukeboxes and pinball tables are amongst our flagship offerings, while our foosball tables, tennis tables and pool tables also feature prominently in our inventory, all of which are waiting to be discovered with a single step into our expansive Weybridge showroom.  We thought we’d take a moment to explore the latter three groups, and what we can offer in each!

Our pool and billiards tables

A true staple of historic and contemporary games rooms. The pool, snooker and billiards tables we stock at the Games Room Company span a wide range of eras, from antique tables and 20th century classics all the way up to cutting-edge designs and the very latest contemporary innovations – an indisputable testament to the timelessness of the game.

Some tables are even replete with their own individual histories. For example, our Steve Davis Snooker Table, which previously belonged to the snooker legend himself. The Blacklight pool table, on the other hand, is a fantastic example of our stunning contemporary offerings, and is sure to wow people in any environment.

Such is the depth of affinity and expertise we have with these games, in fact, that we’ve even gone on to create our own, using the highest-quality materials and extraordinarily skilled craftsmen. We present to you the Pembridge, designed in-house by our sub-brand Waldersmith (named for our managing director, Alexander Walder-Smith). This imaginative table has the ability to transform from pool table, to table tennis table, to dining table, each in a matter of moments. It brilliantly encapsulates our approach to innovation here at the Games Room Company, and stands as a perfect example of what we can achieve for our bespoke clients.

Foosball and table football tables

A personal favourite of many of our staff here at the Games Room Company, the simplicity and universal appeal of foosball tables make them appealing to casual and hardcore gamers alike. It bears that highly desirable trait that all the best games share; easy to understand, yet hard to master. Professional games are frequently a display of lightning-fast reflexes, and there are a surprising number of specific skillsets and moves involved – many of which we’ve detailed before on the blog here at the Games Room Company.

Our experience and history means that we’re able to source some truly amazing foosball tables from leading designers such as RS Barcelona – whose products are not just endlessly entertaining games, but also exquisite design pieces. We’ve talked recently about a classic example; the RS Indoor Foosball dining table. We’re also able to grant our customers the ability to extensively customise many of these tables, or produce them in unique, bespoke liveries.

Table tennis tables

This classic parlour game, a favourite of the British summertime, has been re-imagined as an inspiring luxury piece in many of the games we stock here at the Games Room Company, many of them once again from the renowned RS Barcelona. Many of these table tennis tables can be easily folded up for easy storage for when space is at a premium, including the handy Cornilleau Performance models, and specially-designed variants by RS Barcelona. Or, purists can take their pick from a range of stunning black and white models from the prestigious Spanish design house; perfect for the sunshine!

And that’s not to mention, of course, the effortlessly opulent models we’ve designed here at the Games Room Company. We’ve already touched on our Pembridge above, and our range also includes the Olympian fusion pool and table tennis table – two traditional games presented in a single, awe-inspiring contemporary design.

We pride ourselves on our ability to stock a huge range of each of these types of products – far too many to cover in a single post! You can explore them for yourself right here on our site, or alternatively feel free to visit us in our Weybridge showroom, to inspect them in person!


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