Bespoke Pool Tables

Our designs are exclusive to The Games Room Company and whilst they share certain features every single table is unique, handmade in our own workshops and tailored to each client's precise brief.

One of the key attributes of these amazing pieces is their ability to convert seamlessly for the game of table tennis, providing the best of both games without a hint of compromise.

These remarkable tables are destined to be legacy pieces and it is therefore fitting that they bear the name of Waldersmith, the surname of the company's founder and father of Alexander, owner and CEO of The Games Room Company.


The process begins with a consultation, which includes planning the space, assessing the cueing area, and checking access. The design and finishes are discussed in detail and where appropriate, samples are commissioned.


We use only the finest materials for our tables, and these are thoroughly checked for aesthetic consistency and integrity. The Shoreditch pictured here required a precision engineered hydraulic system, which was sourced in Switzerland and built into the legs, allowing the table to rise up on castors for ease of movement.


Building a bespoke table takes many hours of skilled labour and our joiners are second to none. Millimetre precision ensures that everything will fit together seamlessly and that the table will last a lifetime. Wood surfaces are sanded to perfection before being oiled, stained, or sent to the powder coaters for specialist spraying, depending on the finish required.

Attention to detail

The performance of our tables relies on every detail being checked, from the cut of the cushions to the flush fitting of the pockets.

A built in levelling system allows the table to be re-balanced if required in the future, ensuring that the balls will always run true.


Many of our tables feature brass, bronze, or polished steel inlays between the cushions and the rails, which provide a striking accent and really lift the piece into the realms of luxury. The same metal is used for the table tennis net posts, and these are custom cut for each table using a high pressure water jet to avoid the discolouration associated with laser cutting.

The main drawer

One of the reasons clients choose our designs is because we've developed an ingenious way of concealing the table tennis tops when not in use. These are stored in a large drawer which runs smoothly on incredibly strong aviation grade runners, and extends far enough out to allow easy access.

If metal trim is featured on the table then this will be echoed in the boundary and centre lines of the table tennis tops, which are inlaid with the same material.

The playing surface

We use a superior grade 3 piece slate of minimum 3/4" thickness, which is bolted securely in position and then meticulously filled and smoothed to provide a flawless finish before the cloth is fitted.

Not only do we offer a huge range of cloth colours, these can also be custom printed with any design the client requests, from a company logo to a family crest.

Accessory drawers

At either end of our bespoke tables you'll find a concealed 'soft close' drawer, which houses all the pool and table tennis accessories you'll need to enjoy both games. Also stored here are the table tennis net posts, which like all the other accessories are held securely in custom formed CNC cutout recesses.

A net difference

Where most table tennis tables have a cumbersome and unsightly clamp system to support and maintain tension in the net, Waldersmith tables feature a unique design whose ingenuity is matched only by its elegance and simplicity.

The horizontal section slides into a specially formed channel within the side of the tops, which houses a concealed mechanism containing a powerful sprung coil. This spring action pushes back against the metal bar ensuring that the net will never go slack.

The Shoreditch

This Shoreditch table was created for a client in Chelsea in 2018, and represents the purest illustration of style and function.

Sleek and contemporary, it quickly became a modern classic and a worthy addition to the Waldersmith range.

The Olympian

The Olympian was the first bespoke pool table we created and is perhaps the most imposing of our designs, as this gloss black example in a South Kensington basement shows. Note the aforementioned polished brass trim inlays on the rails, lower edges of the skirts, and also on the table tennis tops.

Strength, solidity, and timeless classic lines allow this stunning piece to command the room like nothing else.