Ethical Policy

The Games Room Company works hard to ensure that our employees and those of our suppliers are provided with good working conditions, which in turn supports our core values of quality, integrity and reliability. 

Moreover, we understand that when people are treated with respect, work in decent conditions and earn fair rates of pay, both they and their companies benefit from increased commitment and productivity.

Ultimately our customers benefit too, not just from better quality products and services but also from an approach which guarantees their peace of mind. It's a philosophy which we carry across into our working practices too, which is why our refurbishments of vintage machines are so exhaustively thorough and our technicians boast levels of expertise way beyond those of others in the industry. 

At The Games Room Company we take great care selecting the companies who supply us directly with products and services and our Ethical Sourcing Policy establishes the standards for suppliers working with us. 

As our business relationship develops, we expect suppliers to keep raising standards and improving working conditions, taking account of internationally recognised codes of practice. 

We maintain exceptionally high standards of Health and Safety whilst ensuring that the workplace remains free from harassment and discrimination of any kind.

Our full Ethical Policy is available upon request and covers the principal subjects of:

  1. HR Management Systems and Processes
  2. Labour Standards and Human Rights
  3. No Discrimination and Equal Opportunities
  4. Decent Working Conditions
  5. Health and Safety
  6. Terms Employment
  7. Working Hours and Wages
  8. Avoidance of Modern Slavery and Forced Labour