Why Rock-Ola Leads The World In Manufacturing Jukeboxes

Even if you’ve only briefly dipped into the world of jukeboxes, you’ll probably have heard of Rock-Ola. The company is a giant of jukebox manufacturing, a legendary name that is practically in a league of its own within the industry. If you’re not familiar with them, you might be asking: how has Rock-Ola stayed such a formidable force in the world of jukeboxes? Well…

The Sheer Quality Of Their Designs

Rock-Ola started all the way back in 1927, and they’ve been making jukeboxes since 1935. That’s coming up to 100 years of making jukeboxes, and the collective expertise of Rock-Ola engineers has evolved over time, which means they’re constantly on the cutting-edge when it comes to producing jukeboxes with utterly flawless sound quality. The aesthetics are similarly impressive; the landmark Bubbler design is defined by the bubbler tubes that run up and down its length – a brilliantly simple design feature with a timeless appeal. Each Rock-Ola design has just the right balance of vibrant colour, giving the finished jukebox an undeniable individual character, but stopping well short of gaudiness.

They’ve Moved With The Times

Amongst another of the main factors that has contributed to Rock-Ola’s endurance is their responsiveness; their proactiveness in keeping up with changing market demands over the decades, and the shifts in pop culture. Lots of smaller jukebox manufacturers find a formula and then stick to it – a perfectly valid business strategy! But as the oldest operating jukebox manufacturer, Rock-Ola have got the robustness and the reputation behind them to afford to be able to take a risk every now and again. The Rock-Ola Yellow Submarine is a great example. It’s a novel twist on a classic Rock-Ola design – fun, quirky and not a little outlandish. True, it might not be for everyone, but it’s a good indication of Rock-Ola’s willingness to go out on a limb occasionally, and this experimental approach often pays dividends for them.

That applies to the technology, too. With the dawn of the digital age, Rock-Ola has released CD versions and digital versions of their jukeboxes, helping cement their relevancy and ensuring that the technological zeitgeist doesn’t leave them behind. That’s not to mention their broad range of other accessories too, like the Wallette selector, and the Strike Up The Band speakers.

The Provenance Of The Rock-Ola Brand

Of course, one of the biggest factors on Rock-Ola’s eternal success is their cultural impact, and the prestige attached to the company’s name as a result. It’s actually quite tricky to overstate their impact; they’ve been making jukeboxes for around a century now, and their influence is so massive that Rock-Ola have essentially defined the popular image of jukeboxes. Today, if you ask Joe Bloggs to picture a jukebox, what he’ll imagine will very likely be something akin to the iconic Bubbler design. The jukebox is an essential component of the typical American diner, often thought of as the quintessential image of the 1950s (sometimes known as the Golden Age of jukeboxes).

Today, Rock-Ola are well known as one of the biggest American global brands, alongside such giants as Harley Davidson and Coca Cola. Their long history, and their vital role in creating the image of modern jukeboxes as we know them today, gives Rock-Ola a prestige that no other manufacturer can hope to match. That’s not to say no one else can make a Bubbler jukebox. There are imitations, of course. You can mimic the build of a jukebox – its aesthetics and even technology – right down to the ground, but there’s one aspect you can’t mimic, and that’s its provenance. No other manufacturer can reproduce a true Rock-Ola jukebox’s connection to history, to American culture and to the legendary engineers who have been making them for many years.

What we’re saying is that when you buy a jukebox from Rock-Ola, what you’ll have is the real McCoy: authenticity, quality and impeccable design. Here at the Games Room Company, we have been awarded the status of the official UK dealer for Rock-Ola jukeboxes, so you can count on us to have the cream of the crop. You can click here to buy online for Rock-Ola jukeboxes, or give us a call on 01932 282 123 if you want to make an enquiry. We’re always pleased to hear from you!


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