What makes these two traditional games quite so perfect for summer?

Table tennis and table football both hold somewhat treasured spots in our nation’s hearts. As miniature versions of two of our national games, it’s hardly surprising that when the sun starts to peek out from the clouds, people turn out to beer gardens and barbecues in their droves to sneak in a quick game. So what makes these two games quite so perfect for summer? Well…

Table tennis and summertime – a match made in heaven

The game of whiff-whaff – yes, it really used to be called that – has been a summer pastime ever since we can remember. (Certainly well before even our founder, Reginald Waldersmith, was making his living selling one armed bandits and Coke machines to US Air Force bases all the way back in the 1940s!) Since table tennis can be played equally comfortably indoors and outdoors, it’s perhaps not an exclusively summer game, but we daresay most people tend to associate it with the sunnier season anyway because of national events like Wimbledon. In almost all its forms, tennis is definitely a strong national pastime for us here in Britain. However, while full-scale tennis can be demanding, table tennis can sometimes be less so!

The thing is: it sounds cliché, but table tennis really is fun for all the family. There are no size, weight, height or age restrictions. Anyone can play it, so it’s got a very broad appeal, and can be exactly as demanding as you and your opponent wish it to be. If you want a high intensity game (which is very good for you, by the way), it’s a great way to stay active without the fierce competition of team games, and hopefully less of the wild tackling. Alternatively, you can take things down a notch when playing nieces, nephews or other young family members.

Speaking of younger players, table tennis is also beautifully simple to understand, so it’s not intimidating to start playing even if you’ve never done so before. It’s part of why it’s such a popular fixture in public settings like holiday homes or pubs! We’re finding its popularity is really hitting a peak here at the Games Room Company. Tables like our RS Folding Tournament Table Tennis are specifically designed to be set up and taken down faster than ever, so if the weather does turn (fingers crossed it doesn’t!) you can get yourselves inside in rapid time – without even having to permanently call off your game.

Table football

Table football – or foosball – is another great example that’s beautifully versatile as both an indoor and an outdoor game. In fact, we have options that cater to both those environments here at the Games Room Company. Our RS3 Wooden Leg Outdoor table is great for playing your games in the midst of proper sunshine, while our Rectangular Dining Indoor Table is a brilliant indoor variant which doubles as an intriguing feature for your interiors.

Now, table football once again a game that benefits hugely from the popularity of its large-scale counterpart. Given the World Cup madness that’s only just finished, it’s safe to say the entire world is currently more football-mad than ever! With England making a dignified exit from the tournament last week, at the Games Room Company we’ve already seen a couple of examples of people using table football to find some amount of solace, propelling their team to glory on the miniature board at least!

As a game, table football is even more compact than table tennis tables, which means it’s great for social events like barbecues. Arguably, it’s actually even more social than table tennis, as more players can join in at once. When two strangers work together to fire a spectacular goal past the opposition, the bond that forms between them is one for life! (Or at least until the next game, when they play each other.) Plus, people can drop in and drop out at will, allowing players to immerse themselves in the game without disrupting the overall flow of the party.

Obviously, if you’ve mastered the tricks we’ve previously outlined in our tips for top players, you might find you’re several levels above the kinds of casual players you’ll encounter at barbecues. Due to the varying abilities of most players, table football can be a wonderful family game – so we guess it’s up to you as to whether you choose to honour that or not!

We’ve certainly got no shortage of options of either game for you here at the Games Room Company. We have an especially impressive selection of table football games, with our Teckell Cristallino amongst the creme de la creme. Why not take a trip down to our Weybridge showroom, and see what we’ve got in stock?  


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