The AMI Continental 2 jukebox from the Games Room Company

The AMI Continental 2 became very popular in the early 1990's when one was used in the hit movie 'Ghost'...

A little history on AMI

AMI began in 1909 as the National Automatic Music Company, making automatic player pianos. Having designed a mechanism which allowed music rolls to be selected, this was adapted for use in jukeboxes, the first of which was produced in 1927. The company was renamed to the Automatic Musical Instrument Company (AMI) after World War II. The Automatic Canteen Company bought AMI in 1962, merging it with its subsidiary ROWE AC Services, a manufacturer of coin operated vending machines.

The Continental 2 of 1962 is the last AMI produced by the firm before it was taken over and pretty much the last really 'original' design produced for a jukebox with it's 'sci-fi' influenced design.

The irony about this design is that was inspired by a Soviet satellite and manufactured by an American Jukebox company, at the hight of the cold war. The world was amazed by the satellite “Sputnik” and the Americans were terrified and awed that the Russians had made such an advance in space. All of this played out in the design of the Jukebox and the Continental is probably the most revolutionary designed of all time.

Described in original advertisements as "A brilliant performer in the AMI tradition, boldly designed to set a new standard of style, the silhouette is unmistakably distinctive, the lines clean and graceful. The total effect is exciting, intriguing dramatically compelling. Truly the style of tomorrow, for more play today."

The Continental 2 is a 200 selection on both sides of 100 forty-five rpm records and provides stereo sound. This really is a special jukebox. When the song is selected, a large drum rotates until the selection is top center, the drum then stops, and a gripper arm grips the record and pulls it from the drum, and puts it on the turntable in the center of the circular glass dome.The record and tone arm are 100% visible.

Above the body of the Continental jukebox is a 'radar dome' that holds all of the title strips. The Continental has a couple of large speakers behind the front grille and a smaller speaker on each side of the jukebox pointing outward, so it has great sound when its placed in a corner, as the sound seems to 'surround' you. The AMI Continental is a jukebox that will provide hours of fun and entertainment.

When you purchase one of these classic jukeboxes from the Games Room Company you can be assured of high standards.

The original jukeboxes are not always in great shape when we acquire them.

The Cabinet is completely repainted by our team in Weybridge.

The mechanism is stripped back and thoroughly cleaned by our own technicians.

We re-chrome everything to bring the machine back to a very high standard finish.

Testing is always considered to be a critical element to the restoration process as we ensure that the jukebox sounds just as it should!

As with all of our vintage jukebox we offer a service to produce the title cards as well as sourcing the vinyl music

We always have a continuous demand for this iconic piece, for more information please visit our website listing and of course if you have any specific questions our sales team are on hand to help!


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