The story of RS Barcelona

RS Barcelona is an instantly recognisable name in the world of modern games rooms – it’s an internationally renowned design house famous for the quality of their foosball tables, and one of our key suppliers here at the Games Room Company. RS Barcelona has built its reputation on artful craftsmanship and effortlessly smooth gameplay, creating a range of foosball tables, table tennis tables and more with its trademark pioneering approach. Here, we examine the story behind its success, and humble origins of this fascinating brand.

Who Created RS Barcelona?

RS Barcelona was created by Rafael Rodríguez Castillo, a Spanish metalworker who, in 1975, got tired of his work as an employee and decided 

instead that he wanted to start his own business. He went on to do just that, with his own little workshop soon becoming an industrial unit in Viladecans, Barcelona, where his two sons joined the business. With considerable shared experience between them, the Castillos knew the difference between simply 

manufacturing something, and truly creating it. They decided that the latter was where their true passions lay, and from there, RS Barcelona was born.

What makes RS Barcelona unique?

Their first product was a quirky but practical metal football table which was designed to be highly durable while facilitating intense, high-octane games. The RS#2 was unique and  ultimately 

brought the company enviable success, and from there they continued to release products that were both imaginative and innovative, distinguished by fantastic gameplay and beautiful, distinctive 

designs. By now the interior designers and games enthusiasts in Spain and elsewhere were starting to take notice, and it wasn’t long before they made their first appearance at the Milan Fair.

It was a key milestone in RS Barcelona’s story, and ever since then, they’ve been adding more games, furniture, and other luxury pieces to their ever-evolving range. Many of these have become instantly recognizable staples of modern games rooms. Their You and Me table is a classic example, as is their glass-topped Indoor Foosball Dining Table – both are perfect embodiments of their dual focus on quality gameplay and elegant design. They also come out with new, exciting twists on their classic foosball tables such as the 1966 50th anniversary table and the RS Barcelona pink foosball table.


Why Are RS Barcelona So Popular?

At heart, the main reason for the brand’s success is simple; they appeal to the child in all of us. RS seek to design pieces that capture the imagination, and many of their versatile products straddle the line between games and furniture. Products like their range of pool tables and bench furniture pieces are designed to make a statement and echo playful and simple curiosity. In their own words: “it’s about feeling good, and surrounding yourself with the things you like. To never stop playing and learning.”

That’s definitely a philosophy we can get on board with here at the Games Room Company! Browse our full range foosball tables to find the perfect addition to your home today. Alternatively, you can head over to our blog to discover more about the RS Dining Table Football Game.


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