Two New Shuffleboards for Tower 42

London's Shuffleboard craze continues apace and October 2017 saw us installing two more tables at Broadleaf, the stunning new bar and restaurant at the iconic Tower 42. (formerly the NatWest Tower)

As usual the boards were hand made to order, and included the customer's own branding on the playfields, as befits an establishment which bills itself as an 'Oasis for the city's discerning drinkers and diners'

Installation was far from straightforward, with both playfields having to be heaved up several flights of stairs and round some very tight corners. All in a day's work for our crack team though!

The matching shuffleboards both had the usual electronic scorers and the all important beer holders, as shown in the photo below. Overall the styling and colour was a great fit with the hand painted decor and the general feel of the space, which opened on the 23rd October.

Why not head down there and check them out!


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