Classic pinballs brought back to life!

Although renowned the world over for their stunning jukebox restorations, our highly experienced team of technicians have also earned an equally formidable reputation for sourcing and restoring vintage pinball machines. 

Put simply, our restoration work is second to none. These are incredibly complex machines with a dizzying array of switches, toys and moving parts, not to mention the mind boggling tangle of wires and relays under the bonnet.

Every last component has to be checked and replaced if necessary, and that’s before we start work on the cosmetic side of things, repairing damaged areas on the playfield and respraying time worn cabinets, some of which require the preparation of custom stencils.

 Don't cut the blue wire!

A typical restoration can take the team up to 6 weeks and it’s only when we reach the end of the process that we can confidently put our name to the finished piece, issuing the one year parts and labour warranty that gives our customers the reassurance they deserve.
With the disappearance of pinball tables from bars, clubs and arcades you could be forgiven for thinking that such amusements had been consigned to museums, and indeed many of the younger people who visit our showroom have never even seen one before, much less heard of the legendary rock opera ‘Tommy’ and its eponymous deaf, dumb and blind hero.
Although mostly limited to the home market these days, the demand for pinballs is still huge. New releases from famed pinball manufacturer Stern typically sell out within weeks and highly sought after titles like The Addams Family (1992) and The Twilight Zone (1993) are still appreciating at an astonishing rate. 
When California’s 44,000 sq ft Museum Of Pinball closed its doors last year and sold their entire collection, totalling some 800 machines, it was widely feared that the resulting auction might depress values for a while but instead the opposite happened, with the major sale actually supercharging demand.

Whether you’re seeking a recent title or a vintage classic The Games Room Company should be your first port of call.

Whether you’re seeking a recent title or a vintage classic The Games Room Company should be your first port of call.

With our extensive network of contacts, accrued over decades, we are the natural choice for anyone seeking a specific table and in short, if we can’t locate a particular machine then it’s almost certainly not on the market.

Call us now for expert advice on the amazing world of pinball!

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