Black Friday deals for the Games Room Company

As we enter the final run up to the Black Friday weekend, we’re offering you the chance to take advantage of some fantastic deals on your favourite products! Whatever takes your fancy, you can get 5% off all products across our website until midnight on the 31st of November, 2018. Just state the code “BLACK FRIDAY” when making your purchase either online, over the phone, or in person at our expansive Weybridge showroom, and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.

Struggling for inspiration on what should go on your Christmas wishlist? Don’t worry – we’ve got a couple of ideas for you there…!

A magnificent range of jukeboxes

Intriguing and iconic, jukeboxes a personal specialism for us here at the Games Room Company, and our expertise in them is almost unmatched. We’ve won international recognition for the quality of our expertise and the sheer breadth and variety of our stock, and we’re a UK dealer for Rock-Ola, one of the biggest global brands. Our inventory of market-leading jukeboxes spans from classic offerings from world-famous brands, to fascinating rarities with their own individual stories and histories, restored to perfect working order by our very own engineers, reassuring you of a truly unique present for Christmas.

The Games Room Company recommends:

Rock Ola Bubbler CD jukebox – The ultimate jukebox icon. Steeped in history, the distinctive rounded shape of the Rock-Ola bubbler defined a generation, cementing the popular image of jukeboxes in the minds of the public forever. You’d be hard pressed to find a more perfect present for the music aficionado in your life.

The 1957 AMI H 200 – If classic crooners like Russ Columbo or Bing Crosby are to your taste, the AMI H 200 Vinyl jukebox is just the jukebox for you. Its 1950s roots are clear to see in its design, which were inspired by the slick detailing and polished chrome of contemporary automobiles. It’s often favoured for its much-acclaimed analogue sound system, which creates a rich, earthy sound like no other.

The Original Wurlitzer 2000 Centennial Vinyl jukebox – Though not quite as prestigious as the Bubbler, the Centennial is nonetheless an effortlessly beautiful machine with a truly stunning sound. One aspect it does share with the Bubbler is its equally fascinating history, having been created to commemorate the company’s 100 year anniversary.

Stunning RS Barcelona football tables 

We have a longstanding relationship with prestigious Spanish design house RS Barcelona. Their designers share our enthusiasm for thrilling gameplay and a beautifully finessed style, and over the years their products have become renowned for completely redefining the notions of the traditional game.

The Games Room Company recommends:

The RS3 Gold Edition – One of the latest offerings in their genre-defining RS range of foosball tables, the Gold Edition is a brilliant collectors item that makes a wonderful present – either to you or someone else!

RS Dining Oval Table – This miniature table is a beautifully unobtrusive addition to your games room, brilliant for a quick fast-paced game or sophisticated socialising over drinks.

RS3 Wooden Leg Football table – If you prefer a cosier, more traditional vibe for your games room, you can count on the RS3 to fit right in. Its lightning-fast gameplay is matched by a truly timeless style which makes it a marvellously eye-catching feature for your interiors.

A brand new range of iconic shuffleboards

Few games amongst our offering are as old as the historic pastime of shuffleboard. First invented back in the era of Henry VIII, shuffleboards are currently enjoying an amazing resurgence in the UK, as their storied past and polished gameplay captures the public’s imagination all over again. At its heart it’s British through and through, so we’ve always felt a particular affinity for it here at the Games Room Company, and many of our staff harbour a deep-seated fondness for it. If you pop into our showroom they’re always only too happy to give you a quick demonstration of the gameplay (even if you didn’t specifically ask for one).

Our fondness for the historic game is such that we even stock our very own magnificent range of shuffleboard tables, all designed and manufactured in-house. Each one has been named after world-famous British institutions, to pay homage to their heritage.

The Games Room Company recommends:

The Wellington – This shuffleboard table makes an undeniable impact through its elaborate panelling and a classical feel. If you’re looking for a table that perfectly encapsulates traditional style, look no further.

The Buckingham – The pinnacle of understated style. With elegantly swept wooden legs and plinth legs, its smooth gameplay is complemented by a finely-crafted sense of poise and grace.

The Blenheim – Fans of minimal aesthetics and uncomplicated style will find lots to love about this distinctive shuffleboard, with its clean lines ensuring that it fits right in within any contemporary setting.  

The Golden Age of pinball machines

Throughout its many years of history, few have been able to resist the siren call of a well designed pinball machine. Interestingly, our range of pinball tables distinguishes itself amongst all our product ranges by being amongst the few games upon which gradual technological advancement has had the most apparent impact, with the artful, nostalgic designs of the 60s and 70s stand in stark contrast to the high-tech pop-culture offerings of today. Notably, it’s the pinball tables from the 1990s which are often most heavily in demand, as that period is often thought of as the Golden Age of pinball machines. Once you’ve played a few of them, we think you’ll see why!

The Games Room Company recommends:

Revenge from Mars – Zany doesn’t even come close to describing this one-of-a-kind pinball. Throughout its fast-paced, furious gameplay, you may be lucky enough to spot its dot-matrix display animating the titular aliens getting punched by a giant robot Abraham Lincoln. Enough said.

Super Mario Mushroom World Pinball Machine – It’s ah-meee! One of our favourite 90s gaming icons gets his own pinball table; brilliant fun for eager children and nostalgic parents alike.

The Addams Family – Universally hailed as one of the best ever designed, the dark whimsy and endearing eccentricities of the eponymous family are captured in this affectionate pinball table. It’s scarily good!

World-class Restoration services

We’ve come a long way since our founder, Reginald Waldersmith, first began plying his trade shortly after the end of the Second World War. Over the course of the many decades that have passed since, we’ve firmly established ourselves the UK’s leading specialists in the rare and whimsical, with a fantastic breath of expertise that allows us to take on any restoration, no matter how challenging. Our staff comprises a crack team of the best engineers, technicians and restoration experts in the business, all of whom take great pride in their work as they put their first-class expertise at your service. If you have a piece you’d like to restore to its former glory, there are no better people to choose for the job, and you can count on us to deliver quality results every time.

Remember, you can get 5% off any of these products or services just as long as you place your order before 31st of November 2018. You’ve not got forever, so don’t hang around!


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