Fusion Pool Diner - The ultimate fusion of style and function...

Aramith’s Fusion pool diner is rightly regarded as a contemporary design icon, combining stunning, minimalist styling with immense practicality. Most combination tables are inherently compromised, either because the depth of the cabinet means there is insufficient space for your knees when you sit down, or because they’re too high for a comfortable dining experience.

The Fusion solves both problems simply and elegantly, which is probably why The Games Room Company sells more of these tables than all the other models combined.

The table's ultra slim profile and ingenious elasticated pocket system ensure that there is just as much space for your legs as you’d have with a normal dining or office table, and it’s large enough to seat up to ten people. Regulation pool table height is several inches higher than a dining table and the Fusion addresses this issue with a clever Rise-and-Fall mechanism.

By removing the three-piece dining tops and engaging the mechanism, the table can quickly be raised from a conventional dining level to the regulation pool table height. The ratchet system in the telescopic legs is spring-assisted, so it can easily be operated by one person.

With a fabulous array of finishes for the frame, tops, and cloth colours, there is almost unlimited scope for creating your own custom version of the Fusion or matching it to your decor, safe in the knowledge that the highly renowned Belgian manufacturer, Aramith, uses only the very finest quality materials.

They have also designed similarly minimalist furniture to pair with the Fusion including chairs, padded benches, and even a striking overhead light.

The simply stunning Black Glass Version pictured below...

The Rock Reverso ceramic tops are particularly stunning...

This model has the black frame with walnut tops and tournament blue cloth, pictured below...

With its effortlessly stylish lines and inspired dual height mechanism it’s no wonder that the Fusion has become our best selling table. We always have them set up at the Weybridge showroom so why not come on down for a full demonstration?



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