Teqball - a medal sport?

The TEQ table was designed to offer many possibilities for sport lovers of all ages and backgrounds. The TEQ ONE is the first professional-level version of the TEQ table, released in 2014. If you are a professional athlete or if you are just looking for a fun activity to improve your coordination, ball skills and cognitive abilities, you’ll be able to find your teqsport.

Teqball is the oldest and most-popular sport in the group that also includes teqvoly, teqpong, teqis, and qatch. Teqball is the fastest growing sport in the world. It already has more than 130 National Federations worldwide with the goal to be included as a medal sport at the 2028 Los Angeles Summer Olympics.


Teqball is the purest form of football, played on a specially curved table with no physical contact between the players. It’s a truly gender inclusive game, attracting a new generation of athletes or amateur enthusiasts whose ambition is to develop their technical skills, concentration and stamina.

This football-based sport has already conquered the world as it is played in more than 130 countries of the world including football superstars like, Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, Neymar and clubs like Manchester United, FC Barcelona and Paris SG. If one likes football, they will love teqball!

In addition to the classic teqball, the inventors have created four other sports: teqvoly, teqpong, teqis and qatch and four parasports: para teqball, para teqvoly, para teqis, para teqpong.

All sports, like teqball, involve passing the ball over the net to the opponent's side. If you are a volleyball fan, teqvoly is just right for you. For all table tennis fans, teqpong would be best. Teqis is a mix of tennis and table tennis, whereas qatch could be very interesting for all handball fans.

Teq table is a new sports equipment, which is perfectly suitable for professional athletes as well as amateur enthusiasts whose ambition is to develop their technical skills, concentration, and stamina but it is also a perfect leisure activity. Playable sports on the Teq table are teqball, teqvoly, qatch, teqis, teqpong and parasports (para teqball, para teqvoly, para teqis, para teqpong). Teq tables have four types: Teq X, Teq LITE, Teq ONE, and Teq SMART. Our tables are made to meet our strict standards of quality and durability.

TEQ X, Teq LITE, Teq ONE and Teq SMART tables are ideal sports equipments for public places, hotels, parks, schools, families, clubs, leisure centers, fitness centers, beaches, etc. The tables are disabled-friendly, the variable rules help everyone to find the best suitable sports to play on them!


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