Jump for the sun!

Jump for the sun!

We've got some Great Games for the Great Outdoors!

Teqball is the purest form of football, played on a specially curved table with no physical contact between the players.

It’s a truly gender inclusive game, attracting a new generation of athletes or amateur enthusiasts whose ambition is to develop their technical skills whilst having fun in the sun.

Pool by the pool!

Believe it or not, high tech materials have made outdoor pool tables a real hit in recent years, with little or no compromise in the quality of play. Some can even double as an alfresco dining table courtesy of optional, removable tops.

You & Me by RS Barcelona

Quite simply the most stylish outdoor table you can buy. Available in black or white and perfect as a dining table too, the You & Me gets our vote for the perfect combination of beauty and resilience.

RS Barcelona's offer an unparalleled range of weatherproof foosball tables are in the Premier League!


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