The Goodwood Revival

The Goodwood Revival is one of the biggest events on our calendar here at the Games Room Company. We confess, it’s one of our favourites, too! If you’re an avid race-goer you’ll already have a good idea of what awaits you. If you’ve never been before, though, here’s a little bit about what to expect!

What is the Goodwood Revival?

In short, it’s an annual three-day festival held at the prestigious Goodwood Motor Circuit in Chichester. Held every year since 1998, it’s one of the most popular racing meetings in the world, and is distinguished by being the only UK event which aims to recreate the Golden Era of motorsport, right down to the very last detail. Now, here’s what’s really unique about it: this attention to historical accuracy means the entire event is staged in a period theme, one which befits the provenance and pedigree of the race-cars zooming around the eponymous circuit.

The Goodwood Circuit’s original period was from 1948 through to 1966, and in honour of that, attendees style themselves in beautifully authentic period dress that collectively encompasses the sartorial highlights from all three decades. Ladies drape themselves in furs and frocks, while gentlemen don their tweed, flat caps and velvet waistcoats. As you can imagine, the crowds themselves make quite a sight to behold, whether they’re gathering to watch the priceless, iconic cars that roar around the Goodwood track, or browsing the endless surrounding stalls and stands. It’s one of the highlights of our year here at the Games Room Company – you’ll really find nothing else quite like it!

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What’s our connection with the festival?

The Games Room Company has been exhibiting at the Goodwood Revival for well over a decade now, and we intend to be doing so for many more years! The quality and provenance of the Goodwood Revival make the event the perfect fit for us. It celebrates a defining era in British history and culture, one which gave rise to many of the games and jukeboxes we’ve been dealing in for decades.

The ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s were when many of these games had their heyday, and their iconic status is naturally a huge attraction to the guests at the festival, many of whom revel in the opportunity to once again experience the fond delights of their childhood. The race-cars themselves have had a tangible influence on us, too. The design elements of many of the motors you’ll see at the Goodwood Revival truly defined an era, and you can see their aesthetics echoed in the design of many of our own products – especially the vinyl jukeboxes and vintage pinballs. The styling of our AMI I 200, for example, drew inspiration from the chrome accents, distinctive windshields and fins of the contemporary vehicles of the time.

What can you expect from the Games Room Company?

As you might imagine for such a prestigious event, we’re bringing the cream of the crop to our stand at the Goodwood Revival, including some wonderful period amusements to get you right into the spirit of the festival. Past and present favourites include our 1960s Bowling Alley game, alongside our historic Bar Billiards table. Or you can get right into the ‘swing’ of things with some Bill Haley or Buddy Holly playing from our classic jukeboxes, including a Rock-Ola CD Bubbler, an AMI I Vinyl jukebox and the ever-popular Seeburg V-200.

The provenance of our jukeboxes spans across all three decades – we’ve even got a 1940s Wurlitzer 1100 ready to make the journey! In the past we’ve delighted in bringing with us some surprise pieces too, with 2012’s offering including a fully-functioning Dalek! We sometimes like to keep such surprises under our (bowler) hats, though – so you’ll have to swing by if you want to see what we’ve got in store!

A sneak peek

Piqued your curiosity yet? We’ve assembled a short video for you, so you can get a real sense of what it’s like inside the event. You may be able to pick out some of the familiar faces of our experienced staff, and see what our stand has looked like in previous years!


We have regularly provided giveaways at the event. This beautiful mirror-framed image of American icon Steve McQueen, sitting in his racing suit at the wheel of his D-type Jag was the prize in 2019.

A fun few days

As well as the fact we absolutely love the event, meeting clients old and new, and the vintage vibes we also have great fun! Pictured here Bob, Alexander and Malcolm with the hilarious vintage entertainers Dolly & Gracie. The original cheeky chars!

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