4 top reasons why foosball is one of the most underrated games

Call us biased here at the Games Room Company, but we love ourselves some table football. It’s in our DNA – our founder, Reginald Waldersmith, developed some fearsome skills on the field (although some opponents noted that was because he was always somewhat vague on the controversial ‘no spinning’ rule). Now, foosball, or table football, is becoming increasingly more popular in recent years, especially in high-end luxury games rooms. Even so, it can still get sidelined occasionally when compared with grander contemporaries like shuffleboard tables or American pool tables. Which we think is a shame, as there are a whole lot of reasons to love it. Here are just some of the best!

Straight up action, all the time

Here’s one we feel doesn’t get an awful lot of the spotlight – there’s no messing about when it comes to table football. It requires minimal setup, and no detailed explanations of the rules. It takes no more than a few seconds to get started and get playing immediately, which is great if the slower, more calculated games like pool leave you tapping your foot occasionally, waiting for your turn. It’s also great if you’ve got a bit of time to kill, but you’re not exactly sure how long. Waiting for that taxi, or for a friend to arrive? No problem – you can take the opportunity to fine-tune your control, or even practice some new techniques

It’s easy to learn, but hard to master

That’s an adage you may have heard us say quite a lot at the Games Room Company, and there’s a good reason for that – all the best games are! While snooker and pool can demand a lot of skill and patience before you’re able to play your best game, there are no such skill barriers with table football. You can carefully weave it between your players to set yourself up for delicate, calculated strikes on the goalkeeper, or you can just fire it at random corners and see how it pans out. One thing’s for sure – either way, it’ll be one heck of an exciting game.

It’s a brilliant social game

That’s another benefit to the lack of skill barriers, as multiple players can participate at once, without the need to accommodate the game accordingly. Sure, the playstyles might not mesh, but that makes for a more unpredictable game – which is all part of the fun! That makes it a fantastic game for bonding together as a family, or even for entertaining guests at a party. (Personally, we find that we can control the defenders with greater precision with both hands on the rods, rather than using one of them to nurse a tipple, but we’re not ones to judge.) 

They make excellent focal points

As experts in the rare and whimsical here at the Games Room Company, we’re not flattering ourselves when we say we have an eye for interior design. That gives us confidence in saying that many of our foosball tables can be truly stunning focal points for your interiors, whether you choose to have them installed in your dining room, living room or dedicated games room. Take, for example, the understated grace of the Teckell 90 Minuto, or the smooth curves of the contemporary style Debuchy Blackball. RS Barcelona have even designed a  compact piece that serves the dual functions of foosball table and dining table. Trust us, whatever you’ve got in mind for your interiors, we’ve got a table football table to suit you!

There’s definitely no shortage of choice to be had with us here at the Games Room Company. As well as our stunning range of tables from world-class manufacturers and designers, we’ve even produced pieces in bespoke liveries, such as this Sulpie Evolution table. These are just a couple of examples – you can browse your favourite foosball tables right here on our site, or pop into our expansive Weybridge showroom to see them for yourself. We’re always happy to see you!


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