A quick intro to our world-class foosball brands

Our foosball tables are some of our flagship products here at the Games Room Company. Throughout all our decades in operation, we’ve built up a stunning range of world-class brands and suppliers, giving our customers a fantastic breadth and depth of choice when it comes to picking their favourites.

Our various suppliers and manufacturers are spread across continental Europe, including Italy, Spain and France. We’ve always found it particularly fascinating to see how the different cultures of these countries have shaped the styles and aesthetics of the tables they produce, giving each foosball table a highly distinct character, and a rich history and provenance all of its own.


With over 60 years of history to its name, today the brand Sulpie is synonymous with classic French design. With an iconic 1950s style born of truly sublime craftsmanship, Sulpie tables are superbly engineered with modern precision, and are truly a joy to play. They’ve also been carefully designed to fit seamlessly into any interior – the Sulpie family were originally cabinetmakers before they branched out into this beautiful game, so they knew a thing or two about aesthetics!

Those drawn to Sulpie’s distinctive style will also be thrilled to learn that they’re available in a number of trims and colours to suit individual tastes. We’ve even produced several bespoke liveries here at the Games Room Company, so the possibilities are almost endless!

RS Barcelona

This world-renowned Spanish design house is known for the unique quality and style of its products, born of the company’s approach of placing its passion for design and aesthetics alongside its emphasis on function and playability. RS Barcelona’s philosophy is to “help customers to live new experiences, and savour every moment in life.” It’s a philosophy that’s served them well throughout the decades, as they’ve made astounding football tables that have been acclaimed as modern classics.

Their flagship design is the RS2 – the very model of Spanish innovation and inspiration, it’s a table that’s been credited with changing the face of modern table football forever, as the force behind a fresh wave of fascination with the game.


For centuries, Italians have made a name for themselves with the supreme elegance and finesse inherent in their designs – after all, it’s not from nowhere we get the phrase “timeless Italian style”. These tables, made by Italian manufacturer Teckell, are undeniable testaments to this reputation. Crafted from thick crystal glass, they are the ultimate design statements, perfect for any interior. Their effortlessly opulent design belies their incredible durability – make no mistake, this is not the same glass as you’ll find in your windows.

As well as being supremely beautiful, they’re also wonderfully engineered, with frictionless handles and layers of shock absorption to keep players comfortable during high-intensity games. Trust us – they might look delicate, but Teckell tables are more than capable of taking the strain.



Another of our favourite Spanish manufacturers! Now, while the name might lack some of the same linguistic flourishes as its fellow European manufacturers above, Sam tables themselves are anything but lacking. It’s a long-established company which is internationally renowned for its extensive and broad-ranging producing high quality pool tables and foosball tables.  Their tables are built in Spain to very exacting and rigorous production standards, with the final products built to withstand tough competitive games. (The Spanish take their table football very seriously.)

Such is their reputation for quality builds, robustness and playability, many have been used in tournaments such as the European Competitive Table Football Championships, and the Futbolin World Championships. If you’re looking for strength, durability and solid workmanship, look no further.


As many of our awed customers have told us, Toulet tables are truly something special. The company has built its reputation on a pioneering design approach, creating awe-inspiring contemporary styled tables which take designer luxury to new heights. And of course, they play every bit as beautifully as they look! What’s more, their breathtakingly original designs can be extensively modified with an almost limitless degree of customisability, giving you freedom to make a highly refined statement with your Toulet table football. Luxury, effortless style, lightning-fast games and endless replayability – these are truly the tables that have it all.

Now that the weather is getting steadily warmer and brighter (about time too), we’re seeing a huge surge in demand for outdoor foosball tables, especially from the likes of RS Barcelona and Sam. If you’re struggling to choose between the fantastic range of brands above – and to be honest, who can blame you! – we’re always happy to help right here at the Games Room Company. Feel free to pick up the phone and call us on 01932 282 138, or drop into our expansive Weybridge showroom, where you can see some of these beauties for yourself!


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