Transform your interiors with the Aramith Fusion

If you’ve been following our blog recently, you may have already caught our post about the popular rise in American pool here in the UK. As well as being an increasingly common sight in bars and pubs around the country, American pool tables are being chosen for plenty of private residences too – and the Aramith Fusion Pool Diner plays no small part in that.

In a nutshell, the Aramith Fusion combines the function of a contemporary dining table with a sleek, elegant pool table, making it the perfect fit for a wide variety of interiors. Whether space is at a premium in your interiors, or you simply want a captivating statement piece, the effortless functionality of the Aramith Fusion table truly delivers. Let’s take a closer look in more detail.

The idea that sparked a revolutionary concept

As you may well know if you’ve already been browsing through our pool tables and snooker tables, the Aramith Fusion has been created by Saluc, the internationally acclaimed Belgian manufacturer and the owner of the Aramith brand. Saluc’s contributions to the luxury leisure and games world extend far beyond the Aramith Fusion – it’s a highly prestigious company which has been in the industry for decades, and its Aramith balls are even used in international snooker and pool championships.

Saluc is renowned for its creativity, flexibility and technical expertise. In its own words, the company knows how to entertain. The concept for the Aramith Fusion came about when the visionaries at Saluc noticed a lot of overlap between enthusiastic pool players, and those who had an eye for contemporary design. Those customers, they found, often struggled to find their dream pool table, in a market that was dominated primarily by traditional designs. Now, we’re certainly not going to speak ill of traditional pool tables here at the Games Room Company – after all, we stock enough of them ourselves! – but we can identify with the frustration of not being able to find the perfect piece for your interiors.

Luckily, the people at Saluc understood too. In response, they created the Aramith Fusion pool table. The idea, in theory, was simple. Saluc wanted to combine dining and leisure, two indisputably universal pleasures. Marshalling the talents of their own in-house designers and engineers, the team at Saluc sought the highest-quality materials to make their vision a reality. Amongst these materials was a ¾” Italian slate bed and a Simonis table cloth, both of which are standard features of all Aramith Fusion tables today. (In fact, the Simonis cloth has ended up setting the industry standard for high-quality cloth!)

The result of their labour is a true contemporary classic, with clean lines and a distinctive, timeless appearance. The Aramith Fusion is subtle and innovative, unobtrusive but unique. The people at Saluc describe it as being ‘designed to entertain.’ And take it from us, it certainly does!

Choose your leisure

Even considered in isolation, the Aramith Fusion’s aesthetics and superb gameplay would be enough to draw in any pool or billiards aficionado. But, when your stomach starts rumbling… there’s where it gets clever. The Aramith is equipped with a patented Rise-And-Fall mechanism, which allows the table to seamlessly transition from a comfortable dining table to the regulation height for pool. The Rise and Fall mechanism is designed to be easy to operate, and it’s spring-assisted so that it can easily be engaged by one person. Happily, you don’t need a team of three two turn your polished dining surface into a smart, sophisticated pool table!

What’s more, the unique flat pocket system means that all billiard accessories, cues, rack and even the balls can all be stored in the 12cm (4 ½”) narrow table top. Here at the Games Room Company, we’ve even added our own unique twist on the Fusion in the form of a high quality tennis table top, expanding the Aramith Fusion’s already impressive repertoire one step further!

Choose your style

Another wonderful aspect of the Aramith Fusion, and one that attracts customers the world over, is the intense amount of customisation on offer. There’s a huge choice of different finishes, including ceramic, various wood species and even bespoke options. The Simonis cloth can also be specified in different colours according to your tastes, and the metal frame can also be customised too!

Amongst the six different finishes available are:

  • Wenge
  • Light oak
  • Grey oak
  • Smoked walnut
  • Black lacquer
  • White lacquer

Choose your table

We love the uniqueness of this range here at the Games Room Company. With decades of experience ourselves in selling Aramith Fusion tables, you can trust us to know what we’re talking about when it comes to pool and billiards games! We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing, and our excellent relationship with Saluc means we can offer the shortest possible lead times on all deliveries.

You can order yours from our Aramith range right here on our website, or if you want a bit more detail you can always give us a call on 01932 568 414. Alternatively, you can pop into our expansive Weybridge showroom, where we’ll be only too happy to discuss things with you in more detail!


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