Play your Christmas tunes in style on your favourite vintage jukebox!

From the time-honoured Christmas turkey to the essential afternoon viewing of the queen’s speech, you could argue that much of Christmas today is founded on the idea of tradition. And if you’re more of a traditionalist when it comes to jukeboxes, you’ll find lots to love amongst our stock of vinyl jukeboxes. The invention of the classic jukebox has undergone a lot of changes over the last few decades, with design overlays, CD variants and even digital music centres. For many, though, there’s little more captivating than watching the mechanical arm delicately pick out each disc, and the purists can’t get enough of that authentic vinyl to valve sound.

If you find yourself passing on the latest chart hits of pop Christmas songs in favour of rocking around the Christmas tree with Bing Crosby, Glenn Miller or Louis Armstrong, we’ve got some brilliant vinyl jukeboxes that are sure to make your Christmas list.

Original 1941 Wurlitzer 850 Peacock Vinyl jukebox

OK, so this is an obvious one, but we couldn’t have a vinyl jukeboxes post without at least mentioning this one in passing. You understand! The Wurlitzer 850 is replete in a beautiful Art Deco style capable of gifting any interior with a beautifully elegant touch – ideal if you’re throwing yourself back in time with some old-style crooners! For its time, it was an impressively innovative machine, being the first to use polaroid film in the cabinet display and the first to use an electrical rather than a mechanical selector. You don’t necessarily have to be a connoisseur to note from its rounded display that its one of the forerunners of the iconic Bubbler design, which is defined the popular image of the modern jukebox.


The 1962 AMI II Continental 200

A solid offering from the now-defunct Automated Musical Instrument company, the Continental owes its distinctive shape to its fascinating place in history. Namely, its space age aesthetics were designed in honour of the space race of the 1960s, which was in the midst of a dead heat in 1962, when the Continental was produced. If you’re a Jetsons fan, this is the one for you! Its uniquely retro aesthetics make it a brilliant focal point for your interiors, and equally make an absolutely fantastic Christmas present – one that the giftee is sure not to forget. (As an nice bonus, its red and silver colour scheme also lends itself well to a festive look, so you can make it look extra-festive around this time of year!)

Original 1960 Rock Ola Tempo II 1485 jukebox

Another jukebox with its own intriguing bit of history, this magnificently rare machine made its own TV appearance on Jukebox Jury, a musical panel show that was first broadcast more than half a century ago. Due to the BBC’s policy of wiping tapes of its programmes in the 1960s, sadly very few complete recordings of the programme have survived. Thankfully, the same can’t be said for the Rock Ola Tempo II itself! The blue chevron emblazoned on its front grille amongst the jukebox’s endearing distinguishing features.


Seeburg 201

Like the Continental, the Seeburg’s provenance is clear to see from its aesthetics. 

Its distinctly retro stylish was modelled on contemporary automobiles of the time, which frequently makes it a favourite option with our customers who are classic car fans. As you’d expect from such a historic machine, its visuals are complemented by a beautifully rich sound, and those red ruby lights really give it the wow factor.

Finally, an honourable mention goes to the Wall Mounted Rock Ola 430, which is an ideal present for the jukebox fan for whom space is at a premium. It’s one of the reasons it can make such a good present for a loved one or significant other, too (especially if you don’t know the exact dimensions of their floor space!) Its chrome and brushed metal aesthetics, as well as its Royal Blue painted wooden cabinet, all combine to give it a slightly more modern feel than its other vinyl compatriots above, but somehow it carries that admirably with a style that is all its own.

If you’ve already got all your Christmas presents sorted out already (well done you, you’re organised), we might yet be able to tempt you with our selection of jukebox accessories, ideal for the discerning enthusiast! You can browse them right here on our website, or stop by expansive Weybridge showroom to see our stock for yourself, where one of our friendly will be only too happy to show you around.


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