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Our range of RS table footballs are manufactured by renowned Spanish Design House RS Barcelona, famed the world over for not just the quality construction of its products, but also their unique sense of style. RS Barcelona’s company philosophy emphasises helping customers to live new experiences, and savour every moment in life. In the designers’ minds, design and aesthetics needn’t come secondary to function and playability. It’s these guiding tenets which have helped RS Barcelona’s designers to effortlessly revitalise the traditional games of table tennis and table football, infusing them with fresh imagination and an unmistakeable style.

Their philosophy seems to have resonated with customers the world over. RS Barcelona has an international reputation, and it’s well known for creating products that have been acclaimed as modern classics. Make no mistake, these are not tables you’d find in your average pub. They are not just table games; they are statement pieces, designed and crafted in Barcelona. Several variants are also available as coffee or dining tables, too.

Amongst RS Barcelona’s range is the RS2, the company’s flagship design that changed the face of modern table football. Its sister table, the RS3, has often been described as one of the best tables that money can buy. It’s significantly lighter too, which allows for greater mobility round a residential or commercial environment.

And if you’ve not yet laid eyes on the Games Room Company’s Limited Edition 1966 Anniversary edition of RS’s stunning RS3 football table, you’re in for a treat. This is one of our very own bespoke designs, which we launched at a special event in Wembley to a dazzling reception. The Games Room Company has a longstanding partnership with RS Barcelona, which allows us to offer our clients an extensive level of customisation on our RS products, and even create products which are entirely unique.

In fact, many of the RS tables we have in stock are subject to a high level of modification right from the off. You can tailor the layout of the players, and the choice of their team colours. In addition to their kits, their skin colour, hair and even their gender is completely dependent on your whim.

Finally, our close relationship with the team at RS Barcelona ensures that we’re able to offer these tables at not only highly competitive lead pricing, but also the shortest possible lead times on all deliveries.