How can you recreate the darts action in your own home?

Here at Games Room Company, we have everything you’ll need for your very own darts championship!


If you’re interested in darts, we bet you were glued to the World Darts Championship! It concluded last week, and as always gave viewers plenty of entertainment - we were on the edge of our seats!

Watching a darts match on the television is one thing (if you were lucky enough to actually be at Alexandra Palace to witness the action, we’re really jealous!), but there is nothing quite like actually being able to play at home. The iconic colours of the dart board, the soft thud as the darts hit the felt of the board, the tension as you compete against your loved ones for that bullseye - or at least an iconic ‘180!’

The thing is, if you want to play darts in your own home, a flimsy old board and some mismatched darts just won’t cut it. To properly recreate the experience of a true darts match, you need the finest, professional standard equipment, that will set you up for the best shots and really make you feel as though you’re actually competing with the best of the best. Then you can add the pints of lager, foam fingers and shouting and you really will have recreated the World Darts Championships at home!

So, what do you need to get your darts area up and running?

A handy darts cabinet

Darts cabinets are incredibly useful for two reasons. First, they keep your precious dartboard completely protected when it’s not in use, so it won’t be tampered with by any passersby. Secondly, if there’s someone else living in your house who perhaps isn’t such a darts fan and would rather not see the board at all times, you can safely stow it away so it’s not bothering anyone!

Once you’ve chosen your ideal darts equipment, let us know how your home set up is going! You never know, this time next year it could be you up on stage at the World Darts Championships - so keep practicing!


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