Find out about our stunning, art deco 1940s pool table

Our 1940s vintage pool table is an icon of pool history

Here at Games Room Company, we have two major passions; one is for games room equipment, and one is for vintage furniture and decor. So you can imagine that when we find something that falls neatly into both of these categories, we’re over the moon!

And that’s exactly what’s happened with our 1940s Brunswick Centennial pool table. It’s a one of a kind design, a visually stunning pool table, and one that really does date back to the 1940s, when we imagine it was the coolest table in any glamourous bar or home. We’re so proud to now be able to share this magnificent table with you - it really is an icon in the world of pool tables, and it will make a splash in your own surroundings. If we’ve made you curious, here’s what you need to know about Brunswick themselves and their fabulous Centennial pool table...

Who are Brunswick and what makes their pool tables so special?

Brunswick have been one of the top names in the game when it comes to billiards and pool tables since the 1800s. They are a leading influence when it comes to equipment for recreation, and in the gaming world, their name is a symbol of the highest level of innovation, style and craftsmanship. A Brunswick table is guaranteed to last you a lifetime, and their exceptional design skills also mean that their equipment will always look brilliant in your space and make a real impact on anyone who sees it.

What is their Centennial pool table like?

We think the Centennial pool table is far and away the most stunning that Brunswick ever designed and created. It’s far more than just a standard table to facilitate any old game; it’s a design masterpiece. 

As soon as you look at the Centennial, you can see how striking it is. It was designed in the iconic style of the Art Deco period, and this is evident in the chrome casing that perfectly frames the hardwood frame of this slate bed pool table. The chrome accents were a hallmark of the Art Deco period and they’re what firmly place this table in that era. You can also customise the the colour of the cloth you choose you cover the table; will you choose for it to blend seamlessly in which your home’s colour scheme, or will you add to the impact that table makes with a bold splash of colour?

While its looks clearly steal the show, you can be rest assured by the name ‘Brunswick’ that the games you play on this table will be of a professional standard, and the only thing you’ll have to worry about is that you’ll probably never want to play on another table ever again!

Here at Games Room Company, we are so happy that the Brunswick Centennial pool table is now available for you to marvel over in your own home. If you’d like to see it up close, please visit our showroom - and please contact us if you’d like to know anymore information.


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