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RS Barcelona Equipment & Information

Blending innovation, creativity and playfulness, RS Barcelona is renowned for their unique and versatile furniture, housewares, ping-pong and foosball tables, having built a reputation on exquisite craftsmanship and effortlessly smooth gameplay. Founded in 1975 in Viladecans, Spain, a town near Barcelona, by Rafael Rodríguez Castillo, a Spanish metal-worker who grew tired of his work and wanted to start his own business. Rafael opened up his own workshop which eventually turned into an industrial unit with enough room for his sons to join the family business. With their combined experience and creativity they came to the conclusion that their passion laid in creating rather than simply manufacturing. Fast forward to today and the brand’s philosophy of ‘living in the moment’ and their fun spirit is now recognised on a national and international scale. Specialising in high-quality, versatile home furniture and accessories, their artful ping-pong and foosball tables will add an exciting touch to any home. These highly coveted games tables, with their groundbreaking style of metal and wood, are truly iconic pieces that’ll bring both family and friends together. With a large range of both indoor and outdoor pieces, you’ll be able to enjoy these quirky yet durable sports tables come rain or shine. Head over to our blog to find out more about the story of RS Barcelona. The Games Room Company is proud to be an official UK RS Barcelona retailer, meaning each RS Barcelona item we sell is genuine and authentic.

RS Barcelona pool tables

The RS Barcelona Diagonal Pool Tables are inspired by the streets of Barcelona. Available in both 7ft and 8ft American sizes these simple yet innovative tables are the very definition of good design and artistic craftsmanship. Multiple different finishes and colours are available, meaning these pool tables will look good in any setting. With a polyester painted steel frame, solid wooden legs and a cloth made from 90% Worsted wool and 10% nylon, the Diagonal tables play just as smoothly as they look.

RS Barcelona table tennis

Created by Spanish designers the RS Barcelona Table Tennis tables are efficiently designed to maximise playability and versatility. With a compact drawer underneath the You and Me tables to store the bat, balls and net these can then be transformed into an elegant dining table. With outdoor folding and stationary tables available too, there really is something for everyone. Made from high-quality materials these tables boast a versatile and ergonomic design. .

RS Barcelona foosball tables

Beautifully designed and robustly made, our range of RS Barcelona Foosball Tables are available for both children and adults. The RS#4 Fun Foosball Tables have three different height settings in order to adapt to the player. Whether you're six or ninety-six anyone can enjoy this table. Featuring an impressive blend of style and sustainability our other foosball tables available, such as the RS2 Stainless Steel Gold Edition, are suitable for vigorous indoor or outdoor use. Many of the tables we supply can also be customised to match your team colours.


RS Barcelona pool and snooker accessories

From the You and Me Bench to the Diagonal Floor Cue Rack we supply several pool and snooker accessories from RS Barcelona. Simple yet functional both the Diagonal Pool Wooden Top and the Floor Cue Rack are the ideal accompaniments for any Diagonal Pool Table. The You and Me Bench and Stool make great additions to the matching table tennis tables or work well as standalone pieces of furniture. .

Why are Aramith pool balls better?

Aramith ball sets are used worldwide in events and championships due to their superior quality, strength and durability. Made with 100% phenolic resin the unique structure of the balls ensure optimum rebound for perfect control. They also guarantee a true and accurate roll while leaving fewer marks on the cloths.

RS Barcelona foosball table accessories

Our range of RS Barcelona Foosball Table Accessories such as the Table Foosball Cover offers the perfect protection for your tables. If your foosball table is likely to be outside and unused for a long period of time we highly recommend using a protective cover to keep it spick and span. We also have a stylish and comfortable bar stool available in different colours which goes perfectly with several versions of RS Barcelona foosball tables.