Turning Back The Clock: How Retro Arcade Games Spice Up Modern Game Rooms

The thing that is most fun about arcade games is that they have a rich and illustrious history. Starting, for the most part, in the 1970’s (mostly in the U.S. and Japan) there have been some truly iconic games that have graced many an amusement arcade hall - something that has all but died out in the modern era of home video gaming.

Building your own game room though, is a noble and sweet endeavour – so we shouldn’t want to make such a fuss about the dying out of the old arcade halls. You can furnish your game room with all manner of games room equipment and retro games are an extremely fun pursuit, with many games still played by even the youngest generation of gamers.

Of course you really do want a lot of variety in your very own game room, just like you would in an arcade. You could quite easily get into pinball machines, pool tables and other games room equipment - but there’s something a little special about a nice retro game.

 What Are Some Of The Best Retro Games For Your Game Room?

Space Invaders


One of the best retro games ever is Space Invaders. It’s seriously fun and is an absolute classic. It’s almost like a theme in itself, that’s how the gameplay makes us keep coming back. Here are some fun facts about Space Invaders: 

  • Fraught Beginnings - Tomohiro Nishikado, who spent more than a year developing it - also developing some of the hardware himself, originally invented it in 1978.
  • Legendary - Space Invaders machines made over $600 million dollars in the first few years on release, with many arcade owners in both the U.S and japan making an effort to acquire one of the classic cabinets for their arcade halls.
  • Hard - It’ s widely considered to be one of the simplest yet challenging games ever invented. It’s a very difficult game when the levels get higher.

These machines are great, and you can get your very own Space Invaders machine to keep the retro dream alive in your game room now, with free delivery and 1 year parts and labour warranty.


 What can be said about Pac-Man that hasn’t yet? The game is just such an icon. It’s difficult, fast-paced, full of interesting levels and is just plain fun. Here are some fun Pac-Man related facts:

  • A Ghost By Any Other Name - The evil, and annoying, ghosts in the game are sometimes known as octopi, goblins and monsters. Whatever they are, avoid them!
  • Records - People love to compete on Pac-Man, the latest world record holder David Race has a recording of his 3 hour run, where he achieved the maximum 3,333,360 points on YouTube.
  • Historic - It is one of the oldest games that is still actively played, originally being released in 1980 and also having a fantastic animated TV series featuring the character, along with various other spin-offs.

 If you’ve never played Pac-Man then you’re missing out! There are many places to play online, but for a game room an original upright Pac-Man machine, complete with our white glove delivery service for that classic touch.

 Can’t Decide? Check This Out

 The thing about retro arcade games is that sometimes you just don’t really have a good idea of what you want to play. This is where the luxury coffee-table multigame comes in. This machine gives you the following:

  • Choice - Choose between a selection of games when you can’t decide, and play them digitally on the coffee-table.
  • Screen - The screen is 17” and is LCD, this makes it a great way to play the old games as it makes the visuals really pop. It’s also made of toughened glass, so it’s sturdy.
  • Cool Factor - The tabletop is very stylish, and it’s perfect for a social setting like a home bar or game room that doesn’t have the room for full upright retro games. 

You can buy it online to get it delivered for free, with killer features such as a range of finishes and specifications suited to your needs.

Give Retro A Go

If you like arcade games, retro is a fantastic way to go. It’s fun, simple and spices up your modern game room. Along with other games room equipment it’s a great way to get a cool retro vibe.

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