Stunning bespoke Air Hockey table created for Wallpaper* magazine

In one of our most exciting and ambitious custom projects to date, The Games Room Company has in recent months been collaborating with the iconic design magazine, 'Wallpaper', to create an innovative re-imagining of that arcade favourite, the Air Hockey table.

For so long associated with day-glo colours, garish lights and shiny plastic, air hockey is a fast moving game where the speed and unpredictability of the levitating puck ensures not just plenty of action but also a fair few own goals.

Now, with the creative input of Seattle-based design studio 'Ladies and Gentlemen' and the manufacturing skills of 'McD Marketing'(in conjunction with Dupont* and Corian*), we have produced a game which would arguably look more at home in an Aztec Temple than an amusement arcade. The square table, which is crafted almost entirely from neutral shades of Corian, has a classical, almost monumental feel and on the playfield itself magnetically attached 3D forms serve as obstacles, thereby demanding an even higher degree of concentration from the players. The usual slot style goals you'd find at either end of a regular table have been replaced by triangular recessed areas in the opposing corners.

The final assembly was completed in March, after which it was shipped to Milan where it featured prominently in 'Wallpaper Handmade', an exhibition located in the Salone del Mobile. A tight schedule prevented the production of working prototypes so we were thrilled to discover that the game plays as well as it looks!




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