Space Invaders ready for a fresh invasion

Space Invaders could justifiably be described as the game that started it all - an arcade classic that those of a certain age will remember from the bars, clubs and and pubs of the '80s. Although incredibly basic by today's standards, Space Invaders had an addictive quality that had us all coming back for more.

Although increasingly rare, there are still a few salvageable examples to be found and this particular machine has undergone a thorough refurbishment inside and out. The Space Invaders cabinet has been restored to its original condition with the application of new decals and the acrylic panels have been replaced where required. There's no doubt that most of these machines endured a pretty tough life during their years of service, but with admirable attention to detail our technicians have gone through all the electrics and brought her back to life.

In the short video below Alexander describes the process in more detail and demonstrates Space Invaders in play as he attempts to re-live his misspent youth!



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