For the real games lovers amongst you, Games Room Company has the perfect thing….

Are you a gaming enthusiast? We know that a lot of people answer yes to that question, but are you really? Are you one of those people who lives and breathes video games? Do you love all of the old classics as much as you love the newest releases? Are you a font of all knowledge when it comes to the facts and figures behind your favourite games?


If you answered yes to all of the above, you’re a kindred spirit of us here at Games Room Company! While we love all gaming equipment equally (from pool tables to air hockey), there is a special place in our hearts for classic video gaming.


One of the things we’re most proud of about Games Room Company is the fact that we have an amazing selection of retro arcade machines - the gamers amongst you will really understand how exciting that is!

What retro arcade games does Games Room Company have?

We really do have an awesome selection of retro arcade games, though we say so ourselves. We have some classic, ‘space shooter’ style games that were so popular in arcades in the 1970s and 80s; Space Commander and Space Trooper, which are two rare and sought after finds.


Then we also have some real throwbacks, of arcade games that are very rarely seen outside of very specialist sellers nowadays - Moon Cresta or Midway Flying Carpet are two we have in stock that we’ll be very impressed if you’re familiar with! Like we said. we know these machines will really appeal to those big game enthusiasts reading this.


These games are proper relics of a bygone era, and any lovers of video games will love looking back on the old fashioned graphics and style, and seeing how much gaming has changed over the years. When you compare them to what’s on offer now, the difference is really staggering! But the nostalgia and simple pleasure of these retro arcade machines cannot be beaten, and it just goes to show that not everything needs to be so hi-tech to be enjoyable!

If you fancy something a little different, try one of our retro games tables

If you’d like the classic nature of a retro arcade game, but would love it to be housed in a slightly more up to date casing, our games tables are perfect for you. Designed by us here at  Games Room Company, we think they combine the brilliance of past games with modern technology, for the best of both worlds. And they’re handy; on top of all of that, you can also use them to keep all of your newspapers and magazines safely stored, too! Classic games like Space Commander and Moon Cresta are available in games table form, so if you’re a fan of those games, what are you waiting for?


Whichever option you decide to go for, if you’re as much as a games lover as we think you are, we know you’ll love you retro arcade machine! If you’d like to trial one out, pop down and visit us in our warehouse, or contact us if you have any questions.




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