Classic Vending machines restored to their former glory

The Vendo 56 and Vendo 81 Coca Cola vending machines are considered by many to be amongst the finest  icons of Fifties Americana, and in the video below we learn how each was meticulously dismantled and restored at The Games Room Company after being imported from The States.

Alexander explains how the cabinets were re-painted, the chrome detailing completely re-done, decals replaced and the classic embossed Coke logo re-created by hand. Both machines even had brand new refrigeration units added to ensure trouble free service in the years to come.

Solid and reliable, one of the major attractions of these cool vending machines lies in their versatility. Bottles of beer, a variety of fizzy drinks and even quarter bottles of champagne can be chilled in its refrigerated interior.

We feel sure that if 'The Fonz' were around to see our work he'd shed a nostalgic tear or two for these timeless beauties, now lovingly restored to their former glory.



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