Choosing the Right Table Tennis Size

Choosing a table tennis table for your home or games room can seem like a mammoth task. It’s a big investment, so you want to make sure you get it right. There can be a lot of questions, and a lot of them come down to the size of the table - which size fits best in which room, which size is best for a family tennis table, which size facilitates the best play? 

Waldersmith Bespoke Table Tennis and Dining Table

This table tennis table is a favourite here at Games Room Company - it was designed by our MD, Alexander, and handmade in Yorkshire - a true labour of love! As table tennis goes, this is a big boy - 5ft by 9ft - meaning it’s a real statement piece. It’s the perfect size if you’re looking for a classic, elegant table tennis table to make an impact in a room. You can be fully assured that it’s been made with love and care, and will continue to impress your visitors for years to come.

You & Me Table Tennis - Tournament Size

This table tennis table is also on the larger end of the scale, but if you’re a fan of sophisticated design, it’s definitely the one for you. It’s 5ft by 8ft, but its lightweight material and sleek, pared back design ensure it doesn’t get in the way or look too bulky. Its size combined with its chic style mean it’s the best of both worlds - it can make a statement alone, or it can be a more subtle addition to an already packed games room!

Fusion Table With Bespoke Top

If you have a little less space to play with, this table tennis table could be the one for you. Not only is it slightly smaller than the other models we’ve discussed, but it also doubles up as a dining table - the best of both worlds! As a diner, it will comfortably seat up to ten people and as as a tennis table, it facilitates excellent game play. It’s also really easy to convert between one and the other. We love this design - even if you’re a bit short on space, you can still enjoy the excitement of a game of table tennis in your own home.

Table Tennis Top

Another space saving option - if you already have a pool table in your home, this genius product will allow you to set it up for a table tennis match in no time at all! It’s a ‘tabletop’ table tennis situation - basically the actual ‘table’ part of a usual tennis table - that you can slot on top of your pool table securely whenever you fancy mixing up the gameplay a bit. So it saves on space AND offers you even more gaming options - it also comes with a pair of table tennis bats. We know, we’re really spoiling you.

Personalised Table Tennis Bats

Speaking of tennis bats, whichever table tennis size you go for, you’re going to need a pair of bats to play with - why not get them personalised? Have each of our wooden bats carefully engraved with a name - yours, your partner’s, your children, whoever you think you’ll be playing the most! And just a heads up - these make an awesome present for a fellow table tennis player.

So there you have it: our guide to table tennis table sizes, the benefits and features of a few of our favourite models. Hopefully that’s helped you make up your mind...head over to our table tennis page to get selecting your perfect fit!


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