You’ll really impress your friends with a home bar! Games Room Company have exactly what you’ll need to get one started...

Having a drinks tray or cabinet at home is one thing - having a home bar area is quite another! And while they’re both fine options for entertaining, we definitely know which one looks the most impressive.

Think of all the fun you could have with a bar area in your home; the entertaining at a party where the drinks will never run dry, a place for you and your friends to relax and chat over a few quiet drinks, a place your kids can show off to their friends in their own (child friendly!) parties. On a more practical level, they are also a great place to store all of your drinks and nibbles, freeing up your cupboard space!

If you do have the space in your home and you’re planning on setting up your own bar area, you’re probably thinking about what you’ll need in order to properly get one started. Well, you should know by now that here at Games Room Company, we don’t just take care of games rooms - and we also LOVE entertaining! So we think we know exactly what you’ll need in order to get your home bar area up and running, and ready for its first guests...

An official vintage Coca Cola Bar or Chest

The most important thing you’ll need for a bar is obviously somewhere to store the drinks. Now, there are hundreds of options you could take when it comes to this, but if you really want something that will stand out and make an impact, one of these vintage Coca Cola bars or chests is the only option. They’ll keep all of your drinks chilled and in one place, and they’ll certainly add some colour to your bar area.

An official vintage Corona machine

If you’ve already got your bar sorted, one of these vending machines would look great and also store all of your excess beer bottles in one handy place. The novelty factor of using a vending machine will really appeal to your guests, and you can relax, as it means they will be able to get their own drinks!


Any bar worth its salt plays excellent music. You could be constantly running back and forth to your portable music player, shuffling between playlists and making sure it never goes silent. Or, you could store all of your music (CDs, records or digital) in one of our huge selection of jukeboxes. Not only do they look awesome, they’ll take care of the music for the whole evening, leaving you free to enjoy yourself. Here at Games Room Company, we’re the official vendors of Rock-Ola jukeboxes, so we can definitely advise you on the best one for your home bar.

Jelly Bean machine

Snacks are an absolute necessity at a bar, and that goes for home bars too. Having something sweet on standby that your guests can help themselves to means no one will ever go hungry. Our jelly bean machines, which are either refurbished or new models, will give you and your guests a little sugar kick whenever you fancy.

Vintage Signs or Wall Art

A really good bar (home or otherwise!) is defined by its atmosphere. So if your home bar area is plain, boring and totally void of any decoration, it’s not going to be the most inviting place to hang out. You should spruce it up - one of our awesome vintage signs, or some LED fibre optic wall art will do the trick nicely!

You’ll be living the dream with a home bar area, somewhere you can always entertain your friends and family, and it will really become the heart of your home - so take some pride in it, show it some love, and decorate properly!


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