The History of Space Invaders

For many people who are considering buying an official retro arcade game, the only way to go is classic. People want a statement piece, instantly recognisable to their friends and family that will be a nostalgic conversation starter, reminding those of a certain age of their youth. There are only a handful of classic arcade games that most members of the general public could name at the drop of a hat - and one of them is Space Invaders.

At its release in 1978, Space Invaders was a cultural and technological phenomenon, and its appeal endures strongly to this day. Here, we’re going to take a look at the history of this iconic game, and how it became the arcade institution we know and love.

Origins of Space Invaders

Considered the first blockbuster video game (people have called it ‘the Beatles of the arcade industry’) Space Invaders burst on to the arcade scene in 1978, and to this day it is credited with ending the ‘video game crash’ that blighted the industry in the 70s. Suddenly, everyone wanted a piece of this action - Space Invaders was totally innovative and exciting. With instantly recognisable characters and sound effects, plus a quick-fire, engaging style that was easy for everyone to get to grips with, the game was a hit with adults and children alike, and soon became a staple mainstay of arcades across the world.

The Height of Space Invaders Mania

If you spent any time at all in a bar or pub during the 1980s, you’ll definitely have played a game of Space Invaders. During this decade, it took the world by storm. It was one of the first, and definitely the most popular ‘point and shoot’ arcade machines, and its addictive quality meant the groups spend hours huddled round the frame entranced by the graphics. Throughout the 1980s, Space Invaders featured in the background of tonnes of films and tv shows, such was its ubiquitous fame. By the end of the 80s and well into the 90s, Space Invaders was the most iconic and widely played arcade video game on the planet.

Space Invaders Today

In our modern world of constantly updating technology, poor old Space Invaders can seem a bit like a relic from a time long forgotten. It might seem a bit outdated and old fashioned, and it can’t be denied that its graphics looks practically medieval compared to what we’re used to now - but that doesn’t stop us loving it. Space Invaders machines are still a popular pastime across the world, and it’s still referenced in pop culture all the time. However old and over the hill it looks though, we can never forget the massive influence Space Invaders has had on modern video games - for that, we can never repay our gratitude.

Space Invaders in Your Home

If you’re thinking of investing in a retro arcade game, classic is best, and Space Invaders definitely fits that bill. It will add a touch of nostalgia to your home, and be a kitschy, vintage reminder of video games gone by. Whether you were an original player back in the day, or you weren’t born until years after Space Invaders had conquered the world, you’ll still be able to get involved with this iconic machine and have tonnes of fun while you’re at it.

The Games Room Company has some sought after, original Space Invaders machines, that can be delivered and hand installed by our dedicated team. Combining a sense of vintage fun with the feel of a luxury antique, if you’re on the hunt for a classic arcade machine, Space Invaders is the way to go.


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