Gentlemen, Start Your Engines. It's Dodgems at dawn!

Recently imported from Germany, these two gorgeous post-war Dodgem cars could be said to have had a significant number of 'less than careful' owners! The Games Room Company has already found customers for both cars, and now the race is on to carry out not just the cosmetic restoration work but also a full mechanical overhaul that will allow them to be driven independently of the original overhead pick ups.

A full UK road licence is unlikely to be granted for either car (although you never know!) but we'll do our level best to get the proud new owners together when the projects have been completed and then we'll find out who's fastest around our track. That means handing them over to our tame racing driver, (aka Alexander Walder-Smith, our MD) who provides a quick run down of the story so far whilst being fitted for his racing harness in the video below. If you're in the market for a runabout like those featured here but would perhaps prefer a British version then check out another little beauty we have coming soon.


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