Your Man Cave dreams have come true - what happens next?

The immortal words - man cave.

They’re enough to make any guy’s heart leap with joy. If you’re lucky enough to have your very own man cave - den, boy’s room, whatever you want to call it - in your home, first of all we’re jealous. And second of all - if you’ve been granted this privilege, you need to honour it and decorate it accordingly. Do your man cave justice, on behalf of everyone else, for whom it is still just a cherished pipe dream.

If you’ve visited us at Games Room Company before, you’ll know we’re experts when it comes to anything to do with boys toys  - so we are the perfect people to kit out your man cave. The problem is, when it comes to decorating your room, which avenue do you go down? There are so many different styles and themes you could choose, and you want to be sure you’ve made the right decision.

We’ve put together a cheat sheet for you - three types of man cave decor, and how to achieve each of them. We’ve done all the work for you, so all you need to do is choose the one that feels the most right to you, and then get shopping!

Take the traditional route...


When you think of a man cave, perhaps you think of a classic ‘gentleman room’, a place where you and your friends can relax in an environment fit for dapper gents of all ages. In this type of man cave, you need traditional kit - think pool tables and football tables, which are classics for a reason. Maybe even inject a real slice of old school charm, with a billiards table, which was a ubiquitous sight in man caves long before they were ever called man caves!

To decorate, you’ll need to think along the lines of posters of iconic gentlemen - film posters of Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton in their prime will fill that role nicely. Your traditional, classic man cave will be up and running smoothly and in style before you know it.

Go a bit geeky...

Man caves aren’t just the domain of super suave gentlemen. If your vibe is a little bit more comic book than 007, that is more than okay - at Games Room Company, we have LOTS that we think you’ll love for your man cave. This is where our speciality of retro arcade games really comes into its own.  For a full retro geek feel, you need to stock your man cave with some classic, vintage games - imagine yourself spending hours and hours playing Pacman and Space Invaders.

To really push the retro geeky theme, you could even add a pinball machine, and you’ll need quirky accessories - a Jelly Bean Machine, or our special Thunderbirds coffee table would be a good place to start!

Make it modern…

When it comes to your man cave, you could eschew tradition and go for a totally modern, sleek vibe. We’re thinking newer, more stylishly designed games tables - like this Brooklyn pool table, for example. The guy who inhabits this type of man cave is stylish and seriously cool, so a lot of his products might be bespoke. And you’ll need everything to be as up to date as possible - mod cons, extra features, the lot.

For decoration, it doesn’t get much cooler than our LED, fibre optic artwork - may we suggest black, white and silver for extra class?

At Games Room Company, man caves are our speciality. However you want yours to look - whether you go modern, traditional or retro - we can kit your man cave out from head to toe. If you’re one of the lucky ones, it would be stupid not to make the most out of this opportunity - show your man cave the respect it deserves, and decorate it properly!


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