What you must have to recreate a funfair at home

Recreate all the fun of the funfair at home! Here's what you'll need...

Everyone loves a day at the funfair! We all have memories of the excitement of a fair; the hypnotic music of the carousel, the smell of sweets and popcorn in the air and the bright colours of the stalls and rides. For little ones, the fair is a chance to have a day full of fun - and that’s probably the reason adults never mind accompanying them for a piece of the action too!

Funfairs aren’t just a brilliant place to be; they’re also brilliant to look at. The bright colours, the comedy slogans and images that decorate all of the rides and kiosks, the vintage style of the architecture and styling; the familiar and funky style of funfairs is definitely part of the reason they stick in our minds so much. Taking inspiration from funfair style is a guaranteed way to inject some bright colours, some humour and some personality into any space.

We’re not suggesting you install a circus tent and a constantly rotating candy floss machine in your home (although that does sound amazing!), but there are other ways to bring the fun of the fair home with you. Whether you want to go all out in your homage, or you’d prefer to the inspiration a little more low key, we have just the thing...

A subtle nod to the fun of the fair…

There are tonnes of more subtle ways to incorporate funfair style into your personal space, and one of the most effective ways to do this is by using decor rather than furniture. Something we’re particularly enamoured with are our vintage fairground signs.

These wooden signs originally decorated stalls at rides at fairs in the 1930s and 40s, and they’re a brilliant nod to traditional fairs of that time. We’ve carefully restored them back to their original best, and their bright colours and funny slogans will make everyone who sees them smile.

Something else that would add some fairground charm to your home would be a vintage popcorn machine - after all, it wouldn’t be a trip to the fair without something unhealthy to snack on! Our bright red popcorn machine is practical as well as pretty, and will really conjure up a funfair atmosphere as soon as that smell of popcorn begins to fill the room.

A rare piece of vintage funfair action!

Perhaps subtle isn’t your style, and you’d prefer to acknowledge your fairground inspiration in a more obvious way, there is nothing better than an authentic, vintage fairground attraction. We adore these restored dodgem cars; sure, they may not be the most practical thing in the world, but we defy anyone who visits your space to resist sitting in it!

And to recreate the sounds of the funfair, a colourful jukebox will helpfully store all of your music and add to the bright, cheerful charm you want to fill your home - the perfect fit.

Find your funfair style, then let us know how you’ve incorporated it into your home - Tweet us a photo!


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