Spark up your living room - how a vintage cigarette machine will add some retro charm to your home

Many people are happy to fill their homes with whatever they can easily get their hands on in their local stores. They’re not too bothered about individuality, or having things in their home worth talking about. At Games Room Company, we like to think we know our customers pretty well - and we know you are not these kind of people. You have a more discerning taste, an eye for quality and detail, and you want your homes to be full of beautiful, interesting things.

 A nice mix of style and substance

Vintage cigarette machines are a proper piece of history. They were once a familiar sight across the UK, when smoking cigarettes was a hobby of almost every adult and a symbol of glamour. Most public buildings would have a cigarette machine for use, and they even made regular appearances on street corners for extra convenience. Vintage cigarette machines are a nice reminder of a bygone era, and are even more sought after now they are a rarity; they’re no longer commercially available for use in the UK.

Although we think they’re seriously cool, many people might question the appeal of a cigarette machine in this day and age. Smoking is no longer the popular pastime it once was, and is not something to be promoted or glamourised. We completely understand this - which is why we’ve made an addition to our cigarette machine. If you love the look of the vending machine but question using it for its original purpose, we’ve got you covered - this cigarette machine can actually be used as a drinks cabinet!

Use it whichever way you prefer...

A vintage cigarette machine may not be an obvious choice for home decor - but that’s exactly why we think it’s such a good one. Unexpected and interesting, but still a fun, style addition to your homeware. It will give any room a throwback to more glamorous time, and , whether you use it for its original purpose or as a cabinet, you’re guaranteed to love it for a long time to come.


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