Pinball vs. Jukebox - Which one wins?

There are times when you’re furnishing a games room that you realise you can’t have everything. Maybe you just don’t have the space, or perhaps it’s just that little bit too much of a stretch of your budget. Either way, it’s a situation that brings up a difficult dilemma - how do you choose between two types of games room equipment?

At The Games Room Company, we have extensive expertise in guiding people into creating their perfect game room. As a result, we’re well placed to help answer this question. There are any number of games room products to choose from - but here we will try and help decide, pinball machine or jukebox? Which one wins?

We have a fantastic array of pinball machines and jukeboxes available to buy online now. So let’s try and make the decision process a bit smoother and make a case for each.


Pinball. What a classic game. It’s so brilliantly fun, and it’s got the history and vibe to match. It’s one of those classic amusements, and any game room can benefit from a nice pinball table. So, let’s hear the case for pinball machines:

  • They Look Good - Okay, we don’t want to sound like it’s all about looks - but pinball machines really do look fantastic. The shimmering glass, the flashing lights and the dot-matrix display all make for a visual feast. They are dazzling arrays of lights and colour - this means your game room can be completely centred around a nice one.
  • They Sound Fantastic - You might not think of the sound in a pinball machine as being particularly special. But try plugging one in in an otherwise quiet room and you will see the profound engineering that goes into the creation of every aspect of these games. The ‘Jurassic Park’ pinball machine sounds especially good, and you can buy it online now.
  • They Feel Like A ‘Game’ - Some people find a pool table a bit old school and arcade machines a bit new school. Pinball machines occupy a happy middle ground; they feel like a video game in many ways but still have all the mechanical moving parts of a more traditional game. However, they really are as fun as any video game.

Play a game of pinball in our showroom and you’re sure to find yourself smiling like a little kid and bashing the flipper buttons to get that high-score. Pinball machines are so much fun, they don’t even have to make a case for themselves.

If you’ve already decided pinball is for you - check out our fantastic range to buy online now with free delivery.


If you’re going to create a games room, you’re going to want some tunes playing. This is where a jukebox is obviously far superior to a pinball machine - but it would be unfair to compare the two in that regard. However there are some very intriguing aspects of jukeboxes that make them ideal for the discerning games room enthusiast:

  • They Sound Fantastic - Right, this is a point that both pinball machines and jukeboxes share. But our jukeboxes really blast out amazing quality sound. It’s truly deep and fills a room in a unique way. Our range of vinyl jukeboxes are particularly high quality. Our showroom is a great place to try this out for yourself.
  • They Are Truly Classic Design - Our vintage jukeboxes are from a bygone era of amazing design. The shiny silver colouring and glass, not to mention the wonderful lights and colours, make for a really iconic addition to any game room. A jukebox has a unique type of visual appeal that is impossible to ignore.
  • They Are Modern & Classic - Classic jukeboxes are wonderful, but we also stock a range of digital jukeboxes that can give you a 21st century experience. Versatility and a reduction in moving parts makes these ideal for a game room that doesn’t want a jukebox as a main centrepiece, but more of an aside.

For the most part, jukeboxes are just gorgeous - and functional too. They don’t have the game element so much, but you’d be surprised by how fun children find it to select a track and watch the mechanism pick up the record or CD to play it.

It’s a big part of our games room equipment and you can browse and buy online today. It’s the quintessential games room feature for many people who love a laid back musical environment.

So What Wins? Pinball Or Jukebox

The fact of the matter is that you will probably have to make up your own mind. It’s hard to give an objective view of pinball machines and jukeboxes as both have their perks. But, we’ve highlighted the benefits of each - so hopefully you find the process of choosing easier - it’s up to you, but you can buy your pinball machine or jukebox and lots of other games room equipment online now.

What do you think? Pinball the clear winner? If so, or if not, let us know! We’d love to talk about it with you. If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Also, see the rest of our blog for more great stuff about everything games room related.

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