Missing the good old days of CDs and vinyl records? Good news! They’re making a seriously cool comeback….

CDs and vinyl records are having their moment in the spotlight once again! 


We often hear doom and gloom reports that physical methods of storing and playing music (such as CDs and vinyl records) are a dying art form. and that digital music is wiping out the landscape of proper records.

This would be a real shame, as buying physical copies of music used to be a huge pleasure in our lives, and proudly displaying the album artwork and the variety of your record collection was a right of passage for teenagers. And who could forget the thrill of saving up enough pocket money to buy your first CD or vinyl record! Making your first digital download doesn’t have quite the same ring to it….

Nowadays,  we really are led to believe that this is something that will soon become pretty much extinct!

However recent surveys have found that traditional vinyl records and CDs are making a comeback!

Yes, in a recent poll, there was an increase in the number of adults who now chose to purchase music on CDs and vinyl discs rather than simply downloading them - last year in the UK, actual CD and record sales rose to over 1.3 million, equal to the amount in the record heydey of the 1990s.

You can’t beat a physical copy of music, that you can hold with your own two hands and have proper ownership of. These are the things that can become a major part of your life, as you listen to them over and over again in your car, in your kitchen, at parties….

We’re thrilled about the CD and vinyl record comeback, as we are jukebox enthusiasts here at Games Room Company, and there’s simply no better way to listen to music!


It’s only the youngest generation who won’t have grown up with CDs or vinyl records. For the rest of us, we all have fond memories of buying and collecting records growing up. Having physical copies of music are powerful reminders of times gone by, and it’s not only the music that brings back memories - the album artwork, the track listings, even the colour of the CD itself can all take you back to a specific time in your life.


A CD or vinyl collection will undoubtedly be out on display somewhere in your home, and that makes it a talking point for any visitors you entertain. It’s a great way to initiate a bond and find common ground between two people when you can find and discuss music you both love. If it’s an older record, youcan share stories about the first time you heard it and where you bought it.


Let’s be honest, in this digital age, there is probably a part of us that wants to show off a bit with our CD or vinyl record collection! Especially if you have an amazing jukebox from us here at Games Room Company to go along with them! There is something artistic about a collection of CDs and artwork, especially if they do have beautiful cover art. They also really show off your personal taste in music, what you like and what you’re interested in, which should be something you’re proud to let everyone know about.

Whether it’s vinyl records, CDs, or both that you love, if you’re getting swept up in the nostalgia, let us know! And show us how you’re celebrating the musical renaissance with a jukebox too!


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