Lloyd-Webber's 'School of Rock' hits town with our Classic pinballs!

When music mogul Andrew Lloyd-Webber eventually acquired the theatrical rights to Jack Black’s legendary movie ‘School of Rock’ he faced one more challenge before bringing it to the London Stage - where to find the Holy Trinity of Rock pinball tables.

Step forward The Games Room Company, who not only sourced the required machines in record time but also gave them a thorough strip down and refurbishment before their West End debut.

‘School of Rock’ famously tells the story of an uptight prep school taught to release their inner Rock Gods by a slacker masquerading as their supply teacher. The stage version opened on Broadway last year, where it was nominated for four ‘Tony’ awards. Whist the central message of ‘self empowerment through music’ is a powerful one, the show has also won plaudits for its teenage cast, all of whom actually play the songs live on stage instead of miming like so many of today’s pop heroes.

Andrew Lloyd-Webber, who is pictured here with Front Row’s Samira Ahmed alongside the ‘Kiss’ pinball table, specifically requested several rare machines which are not that easy to come by unless you’re in the know, which of course we are! Our very own pinball wizard, Alexander Walder-Smith, was able to conjure up some beautiful examples of these classics and have them ready just in time for the opening.

The machines will be in residence for the duration of the run, which on the strength of the show’s rave reviews is a likely to be a long one. For the full interview and more information about how the show came into being, check out this link to Radio Four’s Front Row review show:



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