‘I’d like to buy the world a Coke...’ - when you have your own Coke machine, you can!

Excuse us for borrowing a line from Coca Cola’s iconic 1970s ‘Hilltop’ ad there - we just felt they could open up this conversation better than we ever could!

It’s certainly true that across the world, people love a Coke. Whether it’s from a can or a glass bottle, it’s a universally recognised and enjoyed drink. And as that classic advert shows us, it’s sometimes more than that; ‘having a Coke’ with a friend has come to mean taking some time out from your busy lives to catch up and spend quality time with them. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could do that at home, whenever you wanted?

Well, GOOD NEWS, Games Room Company visitors!  You can do exactly that, in style, with one of our vintage Coca Cola machines


An iconic brand in the comfort of your own home

Coke machines are de rigueur at the moment, and those with especially trendy kitchens are snapping them up to create a retro vibe in their homes.  But we think they’ve always been cool, and predict they’ll never truly go out of style - a stylish investment if ever there was one! Having an area  purely for drinks and refreshments will add a touch of luxury to your kitchen, and the bright, cheery Coke colours will definitely stand out!

But a vintage Coke machine is more than a kitchen accessory that will brighten up your home - think of all the ways it could make your life easier. If you’re a regular entertainer, wouldn’t you love a place where your guests could go to help themselves to drinks, leaving you free to socialise and enjoy your party? If you have children, they’ll love the novelty factor of having a real Coca Cola machine in their own house, and will be more than happy to fetch themselves (and you!) a cold beverage whenever they’re walking by. And at the end of the day, transferring all of your drinks to their very own stylish new home will free up space in your current fridge for more food and treats!

A vintage Coca Cola machine is about more than drinking

Yes, the main point of having a designated drinks machine in your home is to keep your beverages all in one place. Okay, we’ve established that the iconic Coke design will look awesome in your kitchen and will bring a smile to the face of everyone who visits your home. But we believe that a vintage Coke machine is about more than how it looks or what it can do for you.

As Coke’s hilltop advert (and all their following ads, too) points out, sharing a Coke with someone is a way to take some time out of your busy life, to sit, relax, and connect with someone you love. Having a Coke machine in your home means you’ll be able to do this whenever you feel like you need a break. You’ll never run out of Coke to enjoy by yourself, or to share with friends, ever again - your five minutes of peace and quiet will always be catered for!

If you fancy making your kitchen a bit more special with a vintage Coke machine, Games Room Company is the place to call. We can help you select the exact machine you need for your home, so you can start enjoying Coca Cola whenever you want, straight away!


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