Give your loved ones something to brighten up their home this Christmas!

Choosing the perfect Christmas present for those people in your life who seem to have everything can be time consuming, really difficult, and leave you feeling totally dejected. When you want to find a personal gift that really shows how much you care about that person, struggling to find the right thing can become a real issue over the festive season, as you get more and more worried about what on Earth you’re going to be able to find for them!

Never fear; we here at Games Room Company are here to make sure that you have the ideal present for that tricky person in your life! While we have a showroom and website that’s bursting with hundreds of ideas for all kinds of presents, we are firm believers that something to make their home look and feel even lovelier than it already does is always much appreciated by everyone. And luckily, we have lots of ideas for amazing gift ideas for the home. Here are some of our favourites….

Jelly Bean Machine



We adore jelly bean machines here at Games Room Company! Imagine how sweet one would look in your loved one’s kitchen, brightening up the area with their vintage charm and colourful hoard of sweeties. Not only do they look great, they’re also a practical gift, as a jelly bean machine is always ready to hand out a quick sugar hit for anyone in the house who’s a little bit peckish! Whether you go for a free standing or tabletop model, add a huge bag of jelly beans and give the gift of style AND sweetness this Christmas!

Mirror Framed Photo


Is the tricky person in question is a big fan of old Hollywood and its glamorous film stars? Do they also have that irritating, blank wall in their home that they’re always looking for something to hang up on? If so, our mirror framed photos will totally fit the bill. Our stunning monochrome images show off the beautiful actors and actresses of the 1950s and 60s (Marilyn Monroe and James Dean, to give you a taste!) and they’re protected by a fine mirror glass frame that adds some subtle sparkle to their wall. This is one homeware gift that will always be added to that bare wall as soon as it’s received!

Vintage Film Posters and Lobby Cards


Regular readers of our blog will know how special our vintage film posters are; they add a major splash of culture to homes and look stunning! If the person you’re looking for a gift for has a particular love for an old film, a full sized, original poster will make them smile whenever they look at it. And our lobby cards are just as awesome; they’re smaller and more subtle than the posters, and they’re still a lovely way for your loved one to show off their favourite film. Owning a piece of film history is a homeware gift that will be instantly loved by anyone lucky enough to receive it!

We hope our quick guide has helped inspire you when it comes to homeware presents this Christmas! If you need anymore advice, please pop in and see us at our showroom, or give us a call; we’d love to help you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones!


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