Forget about your coffee table - say hello to Games Room Company’s awesome games tables!

Games tables are no ordinary table...

If you’re looking for some gaming equipment that’s a little bit out of the ordinary, Games Room Company has just the thing for you….

Maybe you’ve already completely filled up your games room with all the products you could ever need. Or perhaps you’re not massively keen on the ‘arcade’ vibe of a lot of games equipment and you’d like something sleeker; a bit more ‘techy’  in aesthetic. Well, that’s exactly what Games Room Company’s games tables can do for your home! We guarantee you’ll want one to replace your generic old coffee table.

Our games table is totally state of the art. It combines all your technological entertainment needs in one super stylish casing.

Here’s a rundown of the awesome things our games table will do for you:

  • You can store all your electronic possessions on here - all of your photos, music, documents in one, easy to access place

  • You can connect it to your TV, so anything that you can see on the table, you can also view on a bigger screen

  • You can connect it to the internet, so you can browse and do your online shopping

  • You can play all kinds of classic video games - the table comes pre-loaded with 60 retro favourites

  • You can use it as coffee tables are meant to be used - keep your mugs of coffee on it!

Our games table is literally your one stop shop for all your entertainment!

How our games table is made

Another awesome thing about Games Room Company’s game table is the care and attention that goes into every aspect of its creation. It’s designed and made here in the UK from the most premium metal, platinum and plastics - this table will last your family for years. The tables are also hand crafted by our expert team, to make sure they’re completely ship-shape and ready to be enjoyed by you.

You really couldn’t find a cooler or better quality piece of games kit anywhere else - it’s pretty much futuristic it’s so amazing! And it will definitely know all other coffee tables out of the park! Combine classic, sleek style with amazing technology to keep all of your media and games in one place.

If you'd like more information about our games table, please don't hesitate to contact us!


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