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 When it comes to playing games, there’s not much that’s more addictive than a racing game. Whether we’re at someone’s home, at a casino, an arcade; whether we’re playing a videogame or we’re trying to get a small child to walk into a supermarket without begging to get behind the wheel of the coin operated car machines, it seems we just can’t walk past a racing game without stopping to try our luck! 

Racing games are nothing new; they’ve been around in various forms since games machines were first starting to be manufactured. The fast paced racing video games of today owe a lot to the old racing machines of the 20th century, when vintage racing machines were being developed not long after actual cars themselves first arrived on the scene!

Why are racing machines so addictive?

This is a good question; on the most basic level it seems that for children and teenagers, the thrill of behaving like an adult is the real wow factor of racing machines, whereas for grown ups, it’s the chance to experience what it’s like to drive in a way we would never get away with on the roads of the UK!

Researchers have suggested that this is where the popularity of racing game machines lies; it’s something everyday and ordinary playing out on a supercharged level. When we’re playing these machines and games, we can live out our driving fantasies and scenes from our favourite films like we can only dream of in real life. Add to the fact that these games and machines are adrenaline fuelled, and play on our love for a bit of close competition, and it’s no surprise we can never pass up the opportunity to play!

At Games Room Company, we have vintage racing machines that will give hours of entertainment to both children and adults!

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that our particular passion in finding gems of antique gaming machines, and vintage racing machines is no different. We’re always looking out for machines that used to entertain arcade revellers back in the day, and we put all of our efforts into restoring them to make sure they’re looking (and working) as amazing as possible.

We currently have a real treat for little ones in our showroom. Much like you would find outside shops nowadays, this authentic, vintage car ride is a replica of a Lotus model and little ones can have hours of fun cruising around in their imagination! And for the grownups amongst us, why not take control of this charming, beautifully restored 1960s American Indy circuit racing machine. It will be hard to tear yourself away from this once you get started, as you try time after time to better your lap time!

If you’d like to have a test drive of one of our vintage racing machines, pop down to our showroom, to try one out! And if you spot a machine out and about on your travels, please do Tweet us a photo!


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