Find out about the history of the most epic room in the house - the man cave!

Planning your own man cave? Perhaps a look back at their history will inspire you….


Here at Games Room Company, we love man caves! A room to get away from it all, to relax or to entertain, what could be better than a room of your own that totally reflects your interests?!

Here is a look back at the history of man caves; from where they started and how they’re decorated today, with a few famous examples thrown in for good measure!

The earliest man caves

The first and most famous man cave belonged to President Theodore Roosevelt - in the early 20th century, he kept a special room of his home just for himself. He decorated with his hunting trophies, furs of the animals he had hunted and a supply of alcohol - the man cave before any of us knew what one was!

Batman Begins!Man cave | Games Room Company

Then, there was the man cave that made everyone sit up and take notice - and feel really jealous! The man cave of dreams belonged to Batman, and of course it was the iconic ‘Batcave’! Located below Wayne Manor, this was the beginning of fantasy man caves - high tech, full of gadgets, secret doorways and of course, space to park the Batmobile. In every one of Batman’s reincarnations, the Batcave has continued to be updated and is more and more impressive every time we see it

Pop culture embraces the man cave

In the 1990s, man caves became part of popular culture, and on American TV in particular there were countless examples - with many man caves even spreading out from one room to take over a whole apartment. Some famous examples include Joey & Chandler’s apartment in Friends, Jerry’s apartment in Seinfeld, and for a cartoon alternative we all coveted, Bart Simpson’s treehouse! These man caves all had things in common - somewhere super comfy to recline, an endless supply of drinks, TV, and some kind of sporting equipment or entertainment - game of foosball, anyone?

Man caves as we know and love them

Man caves are now, more than ever, a huge part of life, with many guys refusing to buy a house if there isn’t space for a one!. And we’re sure there are many homes across the world that feature a ‘study’ or ‘office’ that is actually more man cave in style when the door is closed! There are countless ‘super’ man caves, where people have really pushed the boat out and spared no expense in their quest for the coolest man cave. From themed caves, to rooms inspired by man caves on screen, to extra high tech rooms with tons of gadgets, the art of the man cave is expanding - it certainly looks like a room that is here to stay!

if you’re feeling inspired by the epic man caves of the past, you’re certainly in the right place! Whether you’re looking for the ultimate football table, the perfect neon sign for the wall or the most infamous retro arcade machine, you can find everything you’ll need for the man cave of your dreams here at Games Room Company. Contact us or come and visit our showroom if you’d like more information - and remember to send us a photo of your room when you’ve finished decorating!


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