Film buff? Walls need a bit of sprucing up? Our original film posters are exactly what you need!

We all have the one wall in our homes that needs a bit of brightening up. The one empty wall in a room full of paintings and photographs, the wall that’s too big and sparse to leave with no decoration. But finding the perfect thing to add to that unloved wall can be a bit of a struggle; you don’t want to put up anymore family photos, you can’t find any artwork that you love. Maybe you actually want to branch out and find something a little bit different to decorate your home with.

Here at Games Room Company we (as usual!) have the perfect thing...our original film posters!

The perfect addition to any walls, but especially those of film lovers and vintage fans, these original film posters are a real treasure. We’ve sourced an amazing range of film posters that are the real deal; they were actually used to promote films on their release date back in the day. And now they can have pride of place in your home! These posters are in amazing quality, considering their age, and they’ll certainly add a bit of culture to your home and be a real talking point for all your visitors. They’re all posters of really well loved and popular films, so everyone who sees them will have something to say about them!

How are Games Room Company’s original film posters presented?

Due to their age, these posters are delicate, and they need to be treated with a lot of care and attention. That’s why we deliver them to you mounted in a museum grade UV frame in a neutral shade. This will protect them from the glare of any direct light, as well as keeping handprints at bay! It also means they’ll look fantastic up on your wall, and the frame will blend in with your decor scheme.

What original film posters are available at Games Room Company?

If you, or someone you live with, loves James Bond or war films, you’re in luck - they’re exactly the posters we have here at Games Room Company!

Sean Connery is at his finest in these posters that were originally used to promote the oldest Bond films, such as From Russia With Love. 007 is cool, smooth and sophisticated, so if you’d like to add a dash of that spirit to your home, these posters are just the thing!

On the other hand, there are the old war films, whose posters will definitely add a bit of edge to any walls they’re on! These original film posters are also a chance for you to get some legendary actors up on your walls as well - Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood are among the icons shown in our war film posters.

We know you’ll agree that our original film posters are the perfect decoration for adding a bit of personality to those poor, neglected walls - they’ll definitely spruce them up. If you’d like to know any more about the art and decor we have here at Games Room Company, please just give us a call or email us!


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