Famous man caves that inspire you to decorate your own!

These famous man caves will give you some serious inspiration!


When it comes to interior design ideas for the coolest room in your home, looking to some of pop culture’s most famous man caves is the best place to start!

Man Cave Snooker Table | Games Room CompanyDesigning a man cave is a big responsibility; it’s not every day you get the chance to completely decorate a room in your house with the sole purpose of entertainment! Now you have the opportunity to find the perfect gaming equipment, the coolest furniture, and to create the most fun, laid back vibe you possibly can. After all, this is going to be the room that you and your friends head to to relax at the end of a stressful day, and where you hold epic get togethers and parties that you will all remember forever. So you definitely want to make sure you get it right!

Sometimes, the excitement of this big opportunity can cause you to get a bit flustered about how to decorate. There seem to be so many styles you could consider, so much equipment you could include...anyone would be a little bit overwhelmed!

Fortunately, there is somewhere we can look to for inspiration when it comes to this kind of interior design - famousMan Cave Games Table | Games Room Company  man caves! Here at Games Room Company, we’ve examined three of our favourite, fictional, famous man caves, to see how they can translate into real life...

Batman’s Batcave

Bruce Wayne’s iconic Batcave, located under his mansion and accessible only by a secret passageway, was probably the first time the term ‘man cave’ became the ultimate goal for men across the world! It’s probably the most famous man cave in history, and it’s not hard to see why. This place is really is the dream; it has nearly every gadget imaginable, it’s home to the infamous Batmobile (aka the coolest car in history) and it’s super sleek and stylish, with a silver and black colour scheme. Unfortunately, not many of us have this much hi-tech equipment just lying around, so while we can’t totally recreate the Batcave at home, we can certainly add elements - whether it’s a Batman themed vintage arcade machine, or taking inspiration from the colour scheme to add to your own room.

Ironman’s Workshop/Hangout

Man Cave Football Table | Games Room Company

Let’s be honest, none of us will be getting up to anything as cool in our dens as Tony Stark was in his famous man cave - specifically, building his Ironman suit! However, there is a lot we can learn from his taste in interior decor. Tony clearly felt strongly about a silver/chrome colour palette when it came to man cave design, and he loved a bit of cutting edge technology too. For your own cave, you could show off this technological inspiration with one of our awesome games tables, and make sure your furniture has that stylish, silver sheen.

Joey & Chandler’s apartment

While fictional man caves are awesome for ideas, we’ll admit that it can often be hard to replicate them in your own home - we (sadly) don’t all have superhero secret identities! But there definitely are some famous man caves that can pretty much be recreated piece by piece; one being Joey and Chandler’s apartment in the TV show Friends. These guys created the perfect hangout location, with comfortable seating, a beer fridge for constant ice-cold refreshment, and the piece de resistance - their beloved foosball table! A cool, relaxed, livable space that can easily be incorporated into your own home; it may not be flashy, but this could well be the most relatable famous man cave!

If you’ve taken inspiration to create your own man cave, please show off the results by sending or Tweeting us a photo!


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