Cinema Seating: How to Get the Best Viewing Experience in Your Home Cinema

You can get an amazingly good movie viewing experience at home these days. Being able to sit down and watch a film in near cinema-level quality is pretty much achievable in most cinema rooms. It’s a fun and convenient way to take in a big blockbuster, or really study a little indie film.

Any way you look at it, home cinemas are winning, and we need to have a discussion on how best to utilise them. So, how do you get the best viewing experience in your home cinema? Well, a lot of it comes down to cinema seating. Let’s explore.

 Premiere Leather Cinema Seat (5 Seater)

Anybody with a home cinema will love to include cinema seats. These make the experience much more cinematic in the sense that they remind you of the cinema viewing experience, but they also have a very good way of positioning the viewer to maximum effect.

If you’re watching a film slumped on your side on a sofa, you’re not getting the full experience. This is why these seats are great, as they position everybody optimally so they can have an even view of the action. Perfect if you’re looking to sit down as a family to watch movies or if you have a lot of friends who are cinephiles.

They also have massage and heating systems, along with a handy chilled cup holder, so you can be sure that you really won’t want to ever get up. Order yours for delivery now and make movies even more magical.

Premiere Leather Cinema Seat (1 Seater)

 If your space is limited, you don’t have to skimp on the luxury seating experience. We’ve discussed how the positioning you get when seated in one of these is optimised, but you also get a range of features. Perfect if you just want 1 or 2 for your cinema room.

The recliner has a massage and lumbar heating system that is controlled by an attached handset. It’s got an anti-slip footrest too. You can even choose the type of finish that you’d like, with a variety of leather finishes to choose from. It’s also scotchguarded to prevent wear.

We work with leading automotive upholsterers to provide the very best, it’s comfortable and it’s luxurious - and it’s the only real way to get that movie experience. Buy yours online with free delivery today.

Movie Magic & Mayhem

Whatever way you choose to kit out your cinema room in a technical sense with projectors and speakers, there’s little point if you’re not going to be able to view it correctly. Cinema seating really helps this, and if you’re not eating popcorn in your cinema room then there’s little point in having one at all!

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